February Check In

January was a busy month for me. I’ll be honest – I spread myself thin to a point that I don’t feel is sustainable. I barely worked out during the last two weeks, although part of it was due to health reasons (I was feeling congested and worn down).  But it was also because I may have overbooked myself a little bit.

Chicago Lakefront Trail ice Studio Lagree Old Town Chicago

F*cking Freezing Frozen Lake / Studio Lagree Old Town

Brooklyn Boulders West Loop Chicago 

Brooklyn Boulders during Sweatworking Week / Chance the Foster Cat / Performing

F^3 Lake Half Marathon

F^3 Lake Half Marathon


By the numbers:

  • Total miles = 56
  • Time working out = 18 hours
  • Total workouts = 19

Other stuff: 

  • Moved to a new office (with my company). It’s only about 2 blocks from the old one.
  • Started fostering a cat for a friend
  • Attended 4 workouts during Sweatworking Week plus the kickoff workout
  • Volunteered at F3 packet pickup
  • Ran the F3 Lake Half Marathon
  • Performed in a burlesque show and stage-managed/kittened another
  • Attended 3 classes via ClassPass and missed 2 others :-\

January’s progress on goals:

Spartan Race 

Well, I ran a half marathon, so I don’t think endurance will be an issue, but I didn’t do much weightlifting or other strength.

No Knee Pain

Success! Not only was my knee great during the half marathon, but it was great after … because I haven’t run since.

Graduate School 

I actually cracked open a GMAT prep book, but I’ve only made it to page 11.


I’m scheduled to teach a couple workshops at Vaudezilla this month, but I still have to figure out my class plans. I subbed a couple burlesque classes for my Best Cat Lady Nina, which was a lot of fun.

More Focused Freetime 

Apparently booking up my calendar was my strategy.


So, my never-ending struggle is that I want to do all the things, but I don’t have time to do all the things. But I have a really hard time giving up anything because each thing either brings me joy or fulfillment or provides an outlet or a community. (Or a paycheck.)   But, doing all the things all the time is not sustainable. I could try to break things into seasons – spring through fall could be my running season, winter my burlesque season, etc. Or just focus on a few things for awhile and shift to other things when I’m ready. Etc. Which I feel has kind of been my MO for the past few years.

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2 Comments on “February Check In”

  1. I wondered when you guys moved out of your old building. I figured you must’ve been gone by last week or so, when they started demo. (I often go by it on my lunchtime walks – not just creeping on your place of employment, I promise. Haha.) It’s really weird to see it now, with all the broken windows and such. Makes me sad, but that’s only because I care too much about buildings, ha. And am tired of older buildings coming down for the sake of yet another identical skyscraper. Anyway, I hope you’re able to find more balance this month and feel better about your workload. I totally feel you on wanting to do ALL OF THE THINGS but also struggling to find time to do all of the things when you still need to put in a 40 hour work week. Why can’t we get paid to have hobbies?? If only!

    1. Half of our employees moved mid-December and the other half (including me) moved mid-January. It was based on which floors in our new building were done. I haven’t been by the old building since, but we can sort of see it from our new building (down the river, so the river side) so we can see that work is being done.

      I do get paid a little bit for burlesque performances, but when I divide it by the actual amount of time I spend working on it, and also the amount of money I’ve paid for costumes, classes, etc, I’m pretty sure I have yet to break even. (But I should start tracking that in my spreadsheet where I track my shows/workshops.) I’d have to get a lot more bookings for it to be profitable and I don’t see that being feasible unless that was my only hobby. Which clearly it isn’t. Teaching it is probably much better from the standpoint of what I’m actually getting paid for my time, but also requires a regular commitment since classes are weekly. Anyway. The struggle continues.

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