Training, January 15-21

Monday: Pilates Pro class at Pilates ProWorks West Loop

Tuesday: 4.1 miles in 46 minutes, 11:04 pace

Wednesday: Megaformer class at Studio Lagree Old Town

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 6 hours of volunteering at packet pickup

Saturday: F^3 Lake Half Marathon, 13.1 miles in 2:26:35

Sunday: Rest / subbed a couple burlesque classes

Total Miles: 17
Total Time: 5hr 2min

F^3 Lake Half Marathon  F^3 Lake Half Marathon

Obviously, the highlight of the week was the half marathon. After limping through my last half marathon with runners knee (in 2014), it felt so amazing to be able to get through one with no pain (in my knee … my hips felt tight due to a lack of stretching and yoga for the past few weeks).

Pilates ProWorks West Loop Chicago  

Checking out the Pilates Pro class at Pilates ProWorks was a nice surprise as well! If you’ve been following along at all, you know that I love megaformer classes, and go to Studio Lagree a lot. I’ve tried some traditional Pilates Reformer classes and personally found that they aren’t challenging enough for me. The Pilates Pro class at Pilates ProWorks was like a hybrid of megaformer and Reformer. It’s a great option for me because I use ClassPass and Studio Lagree spots book up really quickly, so this is a nice alternative. Plus their West Loop location is pretty convenient for me.

Studio Lagree Old Town Chicago  Studio Lagree Old Town Chicago

Speaking of megaformers, Studio Lagree also opened up a new location in Old Town, which still isn’t necessarily convenient for me, but doable, and seems to be easier for me to get into a class there than their River North location. However, I  hear they are opening a West Loop location as well, which will be so much more convenient for me.

I also had a lot of fun subbing for Nina‘s burlesque classes at Vaudezilla on Sunday.  It was a lot of fun and I’m excited for my own workshops next month! I’m teaching Strong & Sexy and A Modern Chorus Line. More info here (scroll down and look for Kitten Von Purr).

However, right now I’m dealing with some sinus crap (so happy it’s not the flu though!) so this week has been pretty lazy. Consider it hardcore recovery after the half marathon. I am still debating my next big race though. I’m doing the Shamrock Shuffle (of course) at the end of March and the Chicago Spartan Sprint at the end of June. I’m debating a few options for 10-milers or half marathons in May (the Southwest Half in Palos Heights, the Quarryman 10 in Lemont, the Chicago Spring Half, the Soldier Field 10). I’ll probably wait a few more weeks to register for anything.

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3 Comments on “Training, January 15-21”

  1. I *really* enjoyed the Chicago Spring Half when I ran it a few years ago. Well, I suppose I didn’t enjoy running the race itself that much, but that’s because it was warm and humid and there was a threat of bad weather. That, and the course crowding at the beginning, but they’ve moved the race’s start line to Columbus since then, so I imagine it’s not a problem anymore. Anyway, the post-race party for this race is OUTSTANDING, which maybe is a lame reason to do a race, but seriously, it is so. good. I don’t like running late May half marathons because I worry about the weather, but I would absolutely run this race again for the post-race party alone. They give you BREAKFAST. And let you plant flowers! It’s so great!

    1. I kind of fell into it at first. My sis in law runs a dance studio out in the suburbs (mostly ballet, bellydance, yoga), and she used to teach a basic burlesque class there many years ago. A friend of hers asked if she was going to teach it again, but my sis in law wasn’t doing burlesque herself anymore, but knew I was, and asked if I wanted to teach it. At first I felt like I wasn’t experienced enough to teach, but really, you just have to know more than the people in the class 🙂 It was a lot of fun and I did a few workshops out there but didn’t get enough regular attendance to be worth driving an hour each way. But I really enjoy teaching, so I pitched a couple workshop ideas to the woman who runs Vaudezilla (the group/studio I perform with in Chicago), and she put me on the schedule. It’s definitely one of those “you don’t get what you don’t ask for” situations.

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