Training, January 8-14

Last week was Sweatworking Week, so that will be a recurring theme.  (Which happens twice a year, so stay tuned for the next one, probably in the summer.)

Monday: 30-minute barre class at The Barre Code followed by 30-minute conditioning class with Hardpressed via Sweatworking Week

Tuesday: 6.3-mile run in 1:09

Morning: Yoga class at Brooklyn Boulders followed by a little bouldering via Sweatworking Week
Evening: 30-minute power yoga class at Yoga Six followed by 30-minute boxing class at TITLE Boxing via Sweatworking Week

Thursday: Treadmill intervals at Runn Chicago

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 10-mile run in 2:09

Sunday:  Rest

Total Miles: 20
Total Time: 6 hours

Hardpressed Chicago Conditioning Gym Hardpressed Chicago Conditioning Gym


Brooklyn Boulders West Loop Chicago Brooklyn Boulders West Loop Chicago

Wednesday morning

TITLE Boxing South Loop TITLE Boxing South Loop

Wednesday evening

Runn Chicago Runn Chicago treadmills


Chicago Lakefront Trail ice

Chicago Lakefront Trail ice Chicago Lakefront Trail ice

Saturday – the Lakefront Trail was completely covered in ice around the Shedd Aquarium. So beautiful but also very slippery. This is the only run selfie I’ve faked.

So the F^3 Half Marathon is this week. I’m feeling much better about it than I have been the past few weeks. For one thing, my 10-mile run felt good, and I also felt better than usual after. I did keep a very comfortable pace, but I also ran a little bit more total mileage last week than I have been the previous weeks. I plan to run similar mileage this week going into the race. Plus it looks to be warmer on Saturday … although possibly rainy :-\

Also, for once, I made it to all of my Sweatworking Week events! In the past, I always over-committed and then ended up skipping one or two workouts. This time I responsibly canceled my spot 24 hours in advance for the ones I suspected I would skip. Progress.


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3 Comments on “Training, January 8-14”

  1. HAHAHA I love your run selfie from this week. Looks so authentic! 😛 I do legitimately love your pictures from around the Shedd, though. All of that ice looks so cool!

    Good luck on Saturday! I’ll be wishing I were there instead of getting my wisdom teeth out, haha. Just think of all the character you’ll build if it’s raining and 40 degrees! That’s about as character building as it gets.

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