Stuck in a Workout Rut? Try these Alternatives

stuck in a workout rut? try these ideas

If you’ve been doing the same workout over and over and are starting to feel burned out or uninspired, try these fun workout alternatives! Shameless plug for ClassPass – members have access to hundreds of studios in their city, so you can easily find enough studios near home and or the office to trying something new with every workout.


Bored at the barre? Try the megaformer. 

The repetitive movements are similar to barre classes, but using the megaformer machine, you get an intense workout targeting almost every muscle. Check out Studio Lagre and Solidcore.

studio lagree megaformer workout


Bored on the treadmill? Try Shred415 or Barry’s Bootcamp.

Classes at Shred415 and Barry’s Bootcamp follow a similar format alternating 15-minute intervals (or 10-minute intervals) of running and strength. Runs are sprint and incline intervals on treadmills, and strength is on the floor with a bench, weight bar, resistance bands, dumbbells, bodyweight and more. 

shred415 south loop running HIIT studio


If you love to dance, try yoga.

You’ll get the same long, lean sculpting and the poses sometimes feel as graceful as dancing. Yoga has exploded and it’s not hard to find a studio near you – check out CorePower YogaYoga Six and Exhale Spa.

chicago yoga classes


Mix up CrossFit with HIIT (high-intensity internal training).

HIIT classes often use the same moves you’re doing in CrossFit – lifting weights, rowing, box jumps, kettlebells, etc. In Chicago, Crosstown Fitness, SWEAT Fitness Studios, and the B/X class at Brick (a CrossFit gym with multiple locations in the US) are great options.

crosstown fitness HIIT training fitness studio chicago


If you love weightlifting, try a total strength class.

Kettlebells and other all-strength HIIT classes will work your muscles. In Chicago, check out OTG Bootcamp for kettlebells, CrossTown Fitness‘s Total Strength class or Absolute Strength at On Your Mark Coaching & Training.

kettlebells kettlebell workout


Take yoga to the next level with aerial yoga.

A little yoga, a little circus arts, and a really tough workout! It looks difficult, but the instructors break down the moves. Start with a “foundation” class so you can get comfortable on the silks. Check out AIR Aerial Fitness

aerial yoga


Are you adventurous? Try climbing.

First Ascent and Brooklyn Boulders are wall climbing gyms, and offer classes and equipment rentals for the new or casual climber.

bouldering rock climbing brooklyn boulders


If you love climbing, try a ninja gym.

Ultimate Ninjas and Windy City Ninjas both offer adult classes and adult open gyms, so you can try your hand at some of the same obstacles you see on American Ninja Warriors, or that you might encounter during a Spartan or other obstacle course race.

ninja gym workout


How do you like to mix up your workouts? What are some fun workout alternatives you enjoy? 


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