Training, Jan 2-7

This is going to be short. Maybe.

Monday was part of the prior week’s training cycle.

Tuesday: Skipped my workout because I failed at picking the best route to get there and by the time I realized that, I would have arrived probably 10-15 minutes late, so I just waited for the bus that would take me home.

Wednesday: Rest. (Because I got a haircut after work and I suck at getting up early enough to workout.)

Thursday: Sweatworking Week kickoff at LondonHouse. 21-floor stair climb followed by a 3-part body weight workout.

Friday: 2.5 miles on the treadmill before work because that’s all I had time for once I pried myself out of bed.

Saturday: Rest. Felt gross.

Sunday: 9 miles broken up into 3.6 and 5.4 miles. Why? Because 1) as I was heading out the door I got a text and needed to be back home 40 minutes later, which was mildly annoying until 2) it started sleeting on me. I used the stop at home as an opportunity to throw my running clothes (that I was wearing) into the dryer and wait for the sleet to stop and then head back out to finish my run.

Total miles: 11.5
Total time: 3 hours, 10 minutes

Pretty inspiring, eh? 

Sweatworking Week Kickoff

This photo was taken from inside, also, this is not my view
but the view from an Emergency Exit in my building. 

Sunday during the sleet.
I didn’t actually run in a parking garage
but went up there for the photo opp. 

Anyway, so the F3 Half is in two weeks. (If you sign up before Wednesday, there is a discount.) And my mileage this week wasn’t even equal to the half marathon distance. Oy.

I have zero expectations for this race. I thought about dropping down to the 5K but don’t want to pay the $15 fee. So, I’m going to attempt the half marathon but give myself the option to drop out of it if I need to (due to pain and/or other knee issues and/or if I get too cold) or at the very least, take as many walk breaks as I need (more likely, and I plan to wear a lot of layers because of this, and also bring snacks). I have no time goals but would really like to at least beat my personal worst.

Remember when I used to actually try to PR at races? LOL.  Those days were fun.

In the meantime, this week (Jan 8-13) is Sweatworking Week, which is always a good time! I’m signed up for 6 workouts, and my goal is always to attend all of the workouts I sign up for. (I have yet to achieve that goal, I’m always so ambitious! Even with the 6am workouts! When will I learn?)

Also in the meantime, tell me about your experiences doing races undertrained. I was definitely undertrained for my first half, and also my last half but took so many walk breaks due to knee pain (later diagnosed as runners knee) that I didn’t have time to feel undertrained.


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5 Comments on “Training, Jan 2-7”

  1. I felt SEVERELY undertrained for the Chicago Marathon this year. Many hand-wringing pixels were spilled on my blog over how undertrained I felt for that race. I most certainly didn’t PR at it, but it was, nevertheless, the best marathon I’ve ever had by a LONG SHOT, and I think the fact that I was undertrained contributed a lot to that. I had subterranean expectations for myself, so pretty much anything other than a DNF or a 5:30+ finish was going to pleasantly surprise me. In addition, because my expectations were so low, and because my concern about my training was so severe, I went out way, WAY slower than I’ve ever gone out before. There were times where I was running close to a minute per mile slower than I had during the same mile in previous marathons. That proved to be a total game changer for me. I held back because I didn’t think I could reasonably go faster, which conserved a bunch of energy and made it much easier to finish strong. When I whined ceaselessly about my feelings of being undertrained, more than one person told me their best marathon ever had been after a poor training cycle, so I don’t think my marathon experience this year was totally unprecedented. I really hope the undertraining magic works for you at F3!

    What’s your normal gear get-up during cold weather? I only ask because you’ve mentioned getting cold on your runs a couple times recently, which has surprised me, because that’s never really been something I’ve encountered, even this past Saturday when it was like 5 degrees outside. Obviously everyone is different, and I know that I tend to get quite warm when I run (hence why I prefer running in the cold – it’s much more comfortable for me when I’m starting at a major deficit in the temperature department compared to when it’s hot just to exist, never mind engage in a heat-generating activity like running), but I’m wondering if there are any adjustments you can make to your wardrobe to help with the being cold situation. Fleet Feet did a really great blog series late last year about what to wear depending on the temperature – most of the time, their recommendations were way too much for me, but maybe it’d be helpful for you?

    1. I think one problem is I’ve been wearing cheap Target base layers. For my last run, I went with all my name brand stuff (Craft, Nike, Mizuno) and I think that helped, although it was a little bit warmer out. I think I need to invest in some Merino wool.

      1. I can’t recommend Icebreaker enough if you want to go to the merino route. They have a store on Walton, or otherwise Fleet Feet carries their stuff, too. I have a half-zip from them that is easily one of my top two favorite pieces of gear. I swear it’s magic. It weighs next to nothing, but keeps me perfectly comfortable as a pullover in 40-50 degree weather or as a base layer when it’s colder. Their stuff isn’t cheap (though it’s comparable to SmartWool), but if you’re going to run when it’s cold, I think it’s worth the investment. Plus, since it’s merino, you can get away with just having one piece since you don’t *need* to wash it as often from an odor perspective.

  2. Agree with Bethany that it could be a good thing that you are undertrained. You’ll be fresher and your expectations will be lower so you may be pleasantly surprised at how things turn out. I’ve come to realize (from overtraining before the majority of my marathons) that I’d rather be undertrained than overtrained. As far as PRs go – with the cold temps and high winds, I’ve never run the F^3 with any expectations of scoring a PR. It’s just fun to be out racing on the LFT in January! As far as run/walk goes, have you read any of Galloway’s run/walk half marathon race strategies? Anyway, thanks for the F^3 discount code. I just registered! See you there.

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