Taking a Chance

Obvious post title is obvious.  

I’m a foster mom!! A friend of mine is temporarily living with her mom, who is allergic to cats, so I’m taking care of one of her three cats while she looks for a new place.

Meet Chance 🙂

He has very similar coloring to Olive, the tabby who I adopted 8 years ago. Chance is a little bit smaller and skinnier, and has a lot more energy! Which makes sense, since he is about a year and a half old and Olive is almost 11.

He’s been with us for only two days now, so everyone is still getting used to the change. Actually, Chance seems to be the most adjusted at this point.

Olive, however, is not thrilled.

Chance has been mostly living in our bedroom, to give him (and Olive) some space. He was sitting on the bed, I sat next to him, and he got into my lap. I looked up to see a curious little head (Olive’s) peeking in. I don’t know if cats have cognitive thoughts, so maybe she was feeling jealous or maybe she was just curious.

But when Chance explores beyond the bedroom and enters whatever room Olive is in (generally the living room), she starts her little kitty growl which turns into a hiss if he gets too close.  So we’ll keep giving them their space (they each have their own food/water and litter box) and letting them explore each other when we’re home to supervise.

In the meantime, Chance is quite playful and cuddly, which is a lot of fun. Although I’m pretty sure he’s been jumping on our shelf-dresser at night during his “night crazies.” So that’s something we’ll have to be thoughtful of … cat-proofing higher surfaces. Olive knows not to hop on certain surfaces (plus she’s never proven she’s able to hop to a height higher than our bed).


And of course, I’m thrilled to have another cat around.  Robert claims he’s annoyed by Chance but he has taken quite a liking to the little guy.


But, if you have any tips for getting Olive to chill out, I’m all ears.

If you’re interested in fostering a pet, reach out to your local PAWS or ASPCA chapter. 

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8 Comments on “Taking a Chance”

  1. How nice of you to foster! Who is watching her other two cats? I hope she can find a place and be with them again soon – I bet she misses them.

    It cracks me up to think about having a young energetic kitten trapped in my bedroom at night. Ha ha! Hope you are getting some sleep!

    I hope Ollie chills out after a bit of time!

    1. I assume other friends/family are watching the other two cats. I bet it’s hard to find someone who will take all three.

      I have thought about switching them at night and keeping Olive in our room but then I would worry about him jumping on stuff in our living room and kitchen. But maybe I should take the chance! I know Robert is getting annoyed by how active he is at night.

  2. Giving them treats together (but still about a foot apart) helps them get to have positive interactions. If you have large enough gaps under your doors you can be on one side of a closed door with Olive and play with Chance under the door with the string or something like that. Feeding them closer together (slowly) is another thing you can do too!
    One thing I did when Rex was younger was feed him mainly at night. It might be hard with two cats to do though as I assume they’d try and eat each other’s food? Basically, I’d give him 3/4 of his daily food shortly before I’d go to bed and then give him a small portion in the morning before going to work. That way he’d have food all through the night and not need to bother me.

  3. Chance is a cutie! I’m excited for you that you get to foster him, though that’s a bummer that Olive’s taking a little while to adjust. I can only imagine how hard it must be to share what you’ve come to regard as your entire kingdom with another cat! I desperately want a dog, and have considered fostering to figure out what it’s like to have a dog around that I’m responsible for (I grew up with a dog, but my parents primarily took care of the dog-related chores–the walks, the feeding, the poop-scooping, etc.), but I’m worried I don’t have the appropriate amount of time to dedicate to a foster (which is the same thing holding me back from getting a dog in the first place). One of these days…

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