Training, Nov 13 – Dec 24

Playing a bit of catch up.


Nov 13-19 
22 miles
6hr 26 min total

  • Monday: 30-minute Nike Training Club weights workout
  • Tuesday: Run 4.22 miles in 40min, 9:29 pace plus Nike Training Club restorative yoga workout
  • Wednesday: 6.05 mi in 1hr 6min, 10:56 pace
  • Thursday: Office yoga
  • Friday: Run 3.9 miles in 40min, 10:15 pace
  • Saturday: rest
  • Sunday: Run 7.35 miles in 1hr 30min, 12:14 pace and Pilsen Yoga Tribe



Nov 20-26
13 miles
3hr 38 min total 

  • Monday: weight circuit on my own
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Total Strength CrossTown Fitness via ClassPass (with Nina)
  • Thursday: Run 4.88 miles in 45min, 9:14 pace (Turkey Trot with 3RUN2, ran into Rabbit Food Runs)
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: Run 8.31 miles 1nr 43min, 12:22 pace*
  • Sunday: rest

* and this is when my knee started to bug me again 🙁


Nov 27 – Dec 3
8 miles
2hr 22min total 

  • Monday: Run 3.88 miles in 40min, 10:23 pace
  • Tuesday:
  • Wednesday: Run 4.43 miles in 52min, 11:40 pace
  • Thursday: Studio Lagree megaformer workout via ClassPass
  • Friday – Sunday: rest (performances on Saturday and Sunday nights)


Dec 4 – 10 
20 miles
4hr 37 min total

  • Monday: Run 3.48 miles in 37 min, 10:32 pace
  • Tuesday: Total Strength at CrossTown Fitness via ClassPass
  • Wednesday: Run 3.48 miles in 35 min, 10:03 pace
  • Thursday: rest (performance)
  • Friday: Run 3.74 miles 00:45 12:07 pace
  • Saturday: rest (performance)
  • Sunday: Run 9.64 miles in 1hr 50min, 11:24 pace


Dec 11 – 17 
6 miles
3hr 16min total 

  • Monday: rest
  • Tuesday: Studio Lagree megaformer class via ClassPass
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: Total Strength class at SWEAT
  • Friday-Saturday: rest (performance on Saturday)
  • Sunday: Run 3.94 miles in 46, 11:35 pace, plus a workout at CrossTown Fitness with aSweatLife (treadmill, rowing, strength)



Dec 18 – 24 
16 miles
4hr 25min total 

  • Monday: Run 4.07 miles in 45min, 11:02 pace
  • Tuesday: Rest
  • Wednesday: Run 4.41 miles in 50min, 11:20 pace
  • Thursday: Total Strength at CrossTown Fitness via ClassPass
  • Friday: Run 7.36 miles in 1hr 30min, 12:16 pace
  • Saturday: Rest (performance)
  • Sunday: Nike Training Club yoga


So, my workout schedule was impacted by a few things.

I was booked in 6 shows throughout the month. I don’t like working out (other than yoga) during the day before a show because I don’t want to tire myself out and also don’t want to risk doing anything that would make wearing heels difficult and/or bother my knee.

Speaking of my knee, it’s started to bother me again  🙁  Similar as the last time, when I was diagnosed with runners knee and wound up in PT – sharp(ish) pain while running, usually when stopping and restarting (like at a stoplight), and tenderness in the same knee when walking down stairs after a run.  I shouldn’t be surprised though, in the weeks leading up to the knee pain coming back, I wasn’t doing as much strength training or yoga as usual. Luckily, the pain is very minimal, only happens during a run, and with decreased mileage and increased strength training, seems to be lessening.

And, uh, it’s cold. It’s not just my knee keeping me from running. I’m chickening out with this weather.

How are you handling the colder temps? (And shorter days.) 

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