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Lately, I’ve been trying to switch to more natural health and beauty products. Here are a few I’ve tried recently and liked.

Hydrant Sports Drink Mix

I was recently sent a couple samples of Hydrant, a biologically balanced electrolyte solution to dehydration from exercise, alcohol, and sickness. It’s a mix of balanced electrolytes, a bit of sugar and light natural flavor. It’s also vegan, only 50 calories per stick with no artificial flavors or colors. I like the taste – not too sweet, just a touch salty, light, with no aftertaste. A great alternative to traditional sports drinks.

Learn more and support their Indiegogo campaign at

hydrant sports drink mix hydrant sports drink mix

Maple Holistics Hair Care

I was also sent some tea tree oil shampoo & condition from Maple Holistics. I was actually already using tea tree oil shampoo & conditioner from a different brand, so this was an easy switch. The smell is a bit medicinal and the conditioner can feel kind of cooling if you leave it in for a bit, but it leaves my hair feeling very soft and clean, and it’s free of sulfates. I’m also prone to ingrown hairs in my bikini area and using some of the shampoo has helped with a particularly stubborn ingrown hair, so that’s a huge plus as well.

Want to try yourself? You can request a free full-size sample from Maple Holistics.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Native Natural Deodorant

Sorry for all the product pitching, but this one I actually purchased with my own money. I’ve been trying various natural deodorants for awhile now, because I’m trying to switch to more natural health & beauty products overall, and there are claims that antiperspirant isn’t good for you long term. Plus … pretty much any non-natural antiperspirant I’ve tried in the past eventually failed. But so did the natural stuff I was trying.

One of my friends spoke very highly of Native and claimed that it really truly worked, so I forked over $12 for one stick to try for myself. And you guys. IT WORKS. SO WELL. I’ve put it on and it was still working the following day, without a shower, and through a yoga class. My pits don’t stink, my clothes don’t stink. I’m a fan.

Now, as a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, I still sweat. Sweat happens. It’s natural. But it doesn’t stink. The formula is a little bit thick (it’s got coconut oil in it, of course!), and a little goes a long way, so there’s a slight adjustment in that regard, but nothing that should dissuade you from trying yourself.  I know $12 per stick is a bit more than you might spend on a stick of Secret, but for me, one stick lasts 2 months, and the fact that it works better than anything else I’ve tried is reason enough for me. I even signed up for their subscription and save $2 per stick.

You can get a free mini-deodorant when you order from Native. (I get a free mini as well if you use that link.)  I’m a fan of the Lavender & Rose scent, but they have a bunch of scents for Women and Men.

Native Natural Deodorant Native Natural Deodorant


Have you tried any of these products or a similar product? What did you think? 

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