Training, Nov 6-12

Monday: 3 miles in 28 minutes, 9:22 pace

Tuesday: 5 miles 54 minutes, 10:43 pace

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 3.6 miles in 37 minutes, 10:13 pace

Friday: 3 miles in 30 minutes, 9:48 pace

Saturday: Rest

Pilsen Yoga Tribe
5.8 miles in 59 minutes, 10:08 pace

Total Miles: 20
Total Time: 4hr, 41min

My pace isn’t really that all over the place, I just forget to turn off autopause. I personally hate autopause because it overestimates your ability. Not to mention Strava is TERRIBLE at measuring distance accurately, so I’ve switched to the Nike Run Club app. Until I can justify the cost of a new Garmin watch (my 7-year-old one can’t hold a charge through an entire run anymore).

Monday / Thursday

Friday after the cold snap

Tracking issues aside, I successfully ran 5x last week! It was a mix of before work, lunchtime (runch) and evening runs. Half Marathon training win! Also, runners knee win! I haven’t run 5x in one week since June 2014 (which is around the time my knee started to bother me). But my knee seems to be fine right now.

However, I didn’t do any strength workouts. So I don’t know long I can keep the knee happy with this.  I want to keep the run 5x and yoga 2x and also work in some strength 3x, probably via the Nike Training Club app because my ClassPass membership is on hold (trying to save some funds). So that’s this week’s goal.

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4 Comments on “Training, Nov 6-12”

  1. Ugh, don’t even get me STARTED on GPS tracking issues. I think half of my frustrations with running in general all stem from frustration with my Garmin in the city. It makes me so angry that it takes five billion years to find a GPS signal and then doesn’t even come close to measuring accurately, so I’m just behind the eight ball in the mood department from the get-go. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted a purchase more. I’m sure it’d be fine anywhere outside the city, since it works like a charm along the lake, but man, the Garmin I have is NOT a good watch for the city AT. ALL.

    1. I was on a run last weekend had my Strava set to give me audio updates every half mile. I think at mile 3.5 it told me my average pace for that mile was like 8-something (LOL) and then like a minute later she chimed in to say I hit 4 miles and my previous mile was 5-something. Oh Strava, you’re hilarious. I generally just take any pace or distance readings with a huge grain of salt. So basically, these apps are a stopwatch and give me a rough map that I can plot more accurately via DailyMile when I’m done. My old Garmin watch did an OK job in the city as long as I didn’t go underground, so I would turn off auto-pause and auto-lap during races and manually lap myself at the mile markers.

      Have you tried turning off auto-pause to see if that helps things?

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