Training, Oct 23 – Nov 5

Two weeks ago:

  • Monday 10/23: Run, 3.4 miles in 38 minutes, 11:14 pace
  • Tuesday 10/24: On (Shoes) Art Run, 3.2 miles in 30 minutes (estimated), 9:24 pace 
  • Wednesday 10/25: Megaformer at Studio Lagree Lincoln Park via ClassPass
  • Thursday 10/26: Yoga at the office
  • Friday 10/27: Runch (run at lunch) 3.5 miles in 39 minutes, 11:11 pace
  • Saturday 10/28: Run, 6.7 miles in 1hr 19min, 11:45 pace
  • Sunday 10/29: Pilsen Yoga Tribe

Total Miles: 17
Total Time: 6 hours, 11 minutes   

Last week:

  • Monday 10/30: Rest
  • Tuesday 10/31: Run 4.8 miles in 55 minutes, 11:25 pace
  • Wednesday 11/1: Rest
  • Thursday 11/2:
    AM: Run 3.6 miles in 36 minutes, 9:58 pace
    Lunchtime: Office Yoga
  • Friday 11/3:
    Runch miles in 42 minutes, 10:31 pace
    CLLAW – Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers 
  • Saturday 11/4: Rest
  • Sunday 11/5:
    Run 5.8 miles in 56 minutes, 9:47 pace
    Pilsen Yoga Tribe

Total Miles: 18
Total Time: 5 hours, 25 minutes 


So, training for the F3 Half Marathon has officially started. And I know a bunch of people running it, which is exciting!

I also decided to start performing again and am preparing for 6 shows next month! I’m not doing any new acts, so it’s just a matter of brushing up on choreography and making improvements to the costumes, which is much easier than starting from scratch but still work. I still sometimes have moments where I realize I’ve given up my Saturday nights 4 weekends in a row, or that from Dec 2-9, I have four performances, and I feel a little overwhelmed. But, I always have a blast every single time I perform, and I’m trying not to overthink things, so I tell my brain to calm down.

Also, I competed in CLLAW again this past Friday, which was a last minute thing. I wasn’t going to do this one, just … because. But they reached out earlier in the week because someone had to drop out last minute and their bracket is set up for 12 wrestlers. And since I had the costume and didn’t have Friday night plans, I agreed to do it. Once again it was a blast, even though I didn’t win.

L-R: My manager Ruby Claret, me, fellow wrestler Aunt Nance and her manager, my post-performance selfie tradition with Olive continues.  

Professional photos by Trainman Photography – he always gets such great shots! 

So, anywho, who else is doing the F3 Half Marathon?

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