Training, Sept 18 – Oct 8

Oh hey. It’s been awhile. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much.

Week 1

  • Monday 9/18: Absolute Strength at On Your Mark West Loop (via ClassPass), Divvy ride home
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Rest/Pack/Travel
  • Friday 9/22: 5.7-mile run around Seattle with Vera
  • Saturday-Wednesday: Sight-seeing/Travel/Rest

Week 2

  • Thursday 9/28: Vinyasa at Yoga Loft River North (via ClassPass)
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday 9/30: Krava Maga Fundamentals at POW! Gym (via ClassPass), 4-mile run
  • Sunday 10/1: Pilsen Yoga Tribe

Week 3

  • Monday 10/2: 3-mile run before work, Absolute Strength at On Your Mark West Loop (via ClassPass)
  • Tuesday-Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday 10/5: 4.7 miles of Divvy to and from work, 4.3-mile run
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday 10/7: 7.2-mile run
  • Sunday: Rest/spectating

Totals (for all 3 weeks)

  • Total miles (run + bike) = 34
  • Total time (all) = 6 hours, 23 minutes


Running with Vera in Seattle

Do my runs even count if I don’t get a selfie??? Will I ever dare find out?!

Marathon spectating (Nina, Jeana)

What started as “take it easy and enjoy my vacation” has evolved into “fall allergies are getting me down.” I’m actually staying home today because my allergies are wiping me out (sore throat, congestion that I can feel from my nose to ears, light-headedness). I really hope it doesn’t turn into a sinus infection.

Right now, my plan is to get into the habit of running 4x per week and supplementing with at least 1-2 strength-focused workouts and 1-2 yoga sessions per week. Plus a rest day? How many days are in a week again? Either way, I am not doing so well getting anywhere near that goal anyway, because I’m not going to push myself when my body already feels weak.

Sidenote: ClassPass members (well, and anyone else) – POW! Gym in the West Loop offers a Krava Maga Fundamentals class every Saturday morning at 10am. I want to get in the habit of going at least 1-2x per month because it’s basically a way to learn the fundamentals of self-defense, and if you don’t practice it regularly, it’s not going to be muscle memory should you ever need to use those skills. Let me know if you’d like to join me!   They are also offering a free community self-defense class on October 17th.

How are you doing this season? Allergies getting you down, too? 

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One Comment on “Training, Sept 18 – Oct 8”

  1. Hahaha I’m totally with you on the “How many days are there in a week again?” sentiment. That’s how I always feels when I sit down and think about how many workouts I’d like to get in during an ideal week. If we could extend weeks to nine days, that’d be fantastic 😛 Though I have heard of elite athletes who operate on that kind of schedule – more of a nine or 10 day “weekly” cycle rather than a seven day cycle. Of course, elite athletes also have a bit more flexibility when it comes to workout scheduling (a bit easier for them to do a 20 miler on a Wednesday than it would be for me), so that kind of cycle is probably only attainable if you don’t have time-dependent workouts built into your schedule.

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