Training, September 4-10

Monday: Labor Day. No labor though, I rested.

Tuesday:  3RUN2 4-mile loop + 2.5-miles on my own in 1hr 13min, 11:18 pace

Wednesday: Megaformer at Studio Lagree via ClassPass

Thursday: 3.72 miles in 43 minutes, 11:30 pace

Friday: 9 miles on a Divvy in 1hr 15min

Saturday: Run Mag Mile 10K in 55:03, 8:52 pace

Sunday: Pilsen Yoga Tribe

Total Miles (bike + run) = 25
Total Time (all) = 5 hours, 20 minutes


Tuesday. Group photo via 3RUN2.


Wednesday at Studio Lagree.
Sports bra & tank by POWWFUL.
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I was annoyed because I drove all the way to the lake and parking was blocked off on Solidarity Drive. So I had to drive back home, having wasted 20 minutes, and run from home. BUT I got to see some Chicagohenge action, so that was rad.

Saturday at Run Mag Mile

Overall, a decent week.  My knee is kind of bugging me a tiny little bit, so that’s a bummer. Gotta step it up with the PT exercises and other glute-strengthening stuff.

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