Training August 28 – September 3

Monday: 2.14-mile run in 28 minutes, 12:54 pace
Legs felt like lead, not sure why. The previous day was a rest day.

Tuesday: Rest
I was feeling really tired all day. Sleepy tired, not body exhaustion. I’m not sure why, I was getting enough sleep. I decided to listen to my body and got some extra rest.

Wednesday: 3.5-mile Divvy ride home from POWWFUL‘s Power Hour self-defense workshop.

1-hour of yoga at the office
Total Body Strength at Crosstown Fitness via ClassPass
1.5-mile Divvy ride home
I deadlifted 115 pounds! New record for me! And I sort of did a pull-up – I had to do a small jump to get up there, but I was able to lower myself so the top of my head was even with the bar and pull myself back up. So not a true pull-up, but the best I’ve done so far.

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  7-mile run in 1:25, 12:08 pace

Sunday: Pilsen Yoga Tribe
I held crow pose for more than a couple seconds!

Total Miles (run + bike) = 14
Total Time (all) = 5 hours, 35 minutes

I took one unplanned rest day (Tuesday) and mentally I thought the whole week was a bust, but I guess not. Which leads me to an idea for a future blog post topic:  Self-Care (Mental and Physical) for Runners (and Other Athletes). I try to be nice to myself mentally, but even I get down on myself when I shouldn’t.

Monday – run in the AM, out on a boat in the PM

Wednesday Power Hour Self-Defense Workshop
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Thursday at CrossTown Fitness


Friday night at the White Sox game.
The tickets were free and there were fireworks after the game.
The Sox lost if you can believe it.

Saturday’s run.
It was so beautiful that I stopped my watch
and enjoyed the view for a little bit. 


Sunday morning with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe

How do you practice “self-care” as an athlete? I allow myself to take walk breaks when I need it, or rest days, and remind myself that I’m happy just to run and pace doesn’t matter, but still the negative thoughts creep in.

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2 Comments on “Training August 28 – September 3”

  1. I practice self care as an athlete by listening to my favorite music or podcast on a solo run and taking an unplanned rest day when I need it. As a former college runner that is huge for me. I used to be so hard core, but I’ve dialed it back!

  2. That’s super exciting about your deadlift PR and almost pull up! That must’ve especially nice after Tuesday! I waffle back and forth on my ability to cut myself some slack when it comes to not having a workout go the way I want it to. I think it usually depends on my mindset going into it. If I know I’m going to have to take it easy for whatever reason (injury, illness, etc.) and I’m going out there to just get in what I can, I don’t have nearly a much trouble cutting myself some slack. It’s when I go into a workout expecting it to be fine, only to have it blow up in my face, that I really beat myself up for it. Things to work on, I suppose!

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