Training, August 21-27

Monday: Signed up for a weight-lifting class after work … forgot to bring proper shoes. Rode a Divvy home (2.3 miles) and then did my own weight lifting at the gym in our building.

Tuesday: 3.7-mile run in 42 minutes, 11:19 pace

Wednesday: 3.4-mile run in 36 minutes, 10:41 pace. Then took a Divvy bike to work (2.3 miles) because the wait for the bus was 20 minutes.

AM: 3-mile run in 33 minutes, 10:56 pace
PM: Ninja class at Windy City Ninjas

Friday: One-hour acro chair workshop and then one-hour partner acrobatics workshop.

Saturday: 5.1-mile run in 1 hour, 11:46 pace

Sunday: Rest

Total Miles (run + bike) = 20
Total Time (all) = 6 hours

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday runs

All three of these were done before work, who am I? That’s also why they were all less than 4 miles, because I don’t exactly spring out of bed before 7am. Anyway, I’m excited that the temps have been cooler (and it’s been less humid) and I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride again.

Windy City Ninjas

My husband signed us up as a treat for my birthday. It was fun, similar to the class I took at Ultimate Ninja Warriors (formerly Junior Ninja Warriors), but this class had more students and the circuits we worked through were a little bit longer. I also brought my weight-lifting gloves this time, so once we got to the free time, I was able to attempt the monkey bars as much as I wanted without ripping my hands open.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I’m signed up for another Spartan Race next June, so I plan to go back, hopefully at least once a month. Let me know if you want to join me!



Two days in a row of functional movement. My bestie & burly duet partner (and fellow runner) Nina and I signed up for back-to-back acrobatics workshops at Vaudezilla. The first was chair acro. I’ve done some chair work (in classes and my own solo), but this was focused more on the acrobatics and less on just looking sexy. Some of the moves were hard, and I quickly hit my limit of being upside down. (It makes me nauseous pretty fast.) The second workshop was partner acrobatics, where you learn to do balancing moves together. Some of the moves we just couldn’t get a hang of, and others (like above) we could. It was interesting that in some cases, Nina made a better base and I made a better flyer, but in other moves, she was a better flyer. Anyway. With a lot more practice, maybe LoveCats can get more … playful. LOL. Probably not.


Exploring Logan Square, mostly Palmer Square, which was pretty.

So, I keep calling these “training” posts but I’m not following a plan right now. I am signed up for a 10K in two weeks (Run Mag Mile), but I have no goal other than to finish in less than an hour. I’m considering signing up for the F3 Half Marathon in January, and I’m starting to feel my stride come back (could be the cooler temps), so I want to start running with intention – hit a weekly mileage goal, regularly run 4-5x per week, and start doing speedwork again.

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5 Comments on “Training, August 21-27”

  1. It’s nice not to have a set plan and just to run when and where you want. I was on so many “plans” the last few years I am really relishing just running whenever I want as well as not running whenever I want! Palmer Square and Logan Square have some really nice boulevard type streets lined with some pretty huge old houses.

  2. There is nothing–NOTHING–workout-related that makes me want to bang my head against a wall more than planning to do a certain kind of workout after work and then forgetting to bring all your gear. I hate getting in my own way like that! Even though I’ve been run commuting for several weeks now, I still worry every day that I’m going to forget something crucial like a sports bra. It hasn’t happened yet *knock on wood*, and hopefully it stays that way!

    1. It was especially frustrating because I used to keep a spare pair of shoes at my desk. For years. And in our last desk move, I did some purging and took them home. Oh well. I’ve also forgotten a sports bra a couple times and ended up lifting in a regular bra which was awkward but doable. Now I have a change of yoga clothes at my desk, including a sports bra, since they offer free yoga in our office (and I never break a sweat).

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