Training, August 14-20

Monday: 4.2-mile run in 54 minutes, 12:44 pace

AM: 2.46-mile Divvy ride and yoga at the office
PM: 2.4-mile Divvy ride and 4.6-mile run with Three Run Two in 49 minutes, 10:42 pace

Wednesday: Absolute Strength at On Your Mark and 1.5-mile Divvy ride

AM: 3.2-mile run in 35 minutes, 10:40 pace
PM: Yoga at the office

Friday & Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 2.75-mile run in 35 minutes, 12:43 pace

Total Miles (run + bike) = 21
Total Time (all) = 5 hours, 44 minutes


Monday. There’s some new street art in East Pilsen.




Wednesday after Absolute Strength (weight lifting) at On Your Mark. I benched 50 lbs worth of dumbbells and did back squats with 100 lbs. 


Thursday morning in the rain


Sunday run. I was not feeling this run. Plus I had places to go, which is why it was short.


Sunday fun! Got to watch the Air & Water Show from a friend’s boat! Definitely the best way to watch it. And yes, we jumped in the lake for a little bit. Which is the first time I’ve gone swimming in Lake Michigan this year. 


My knee was sort of bothering me during Tuesday’s run. I know that as my mileage has gone up, the amount of time I’ve spent on strength training has gone down, and I’ve been worried my knee wouldn’t be able to handle it. Thankfully, whatever was going on with my knee didn’t return on Thursday or Sunday. I had dropped down to the 3 classes per month ClassPass plan, but now I’m back up to 5 classes per month, so I plan to get back into a strength training groove.


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  1. Your Tuesday run selfie is awesome! I’m super jealous you got to watch the Air and Water Show from the lake. I saw the Blue Angels on my way home from the gym–they flew low enough that I could read the “U.S. Navy” on the bottom of their wings!–but I certainly didn’t see the best parts of the show. I’m glad I at least saw them, though.

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