Three Things Thursday

After getting a few parking tickets in college, I now pay better attention to parking signs. So when I got a ticket last Saturday, I was pretty annoyed. I was in the South Loop, and the sign on the street said no parking within 1-2 hours of events at Soldier Field. Call 311 or visit for info. I checked that website, and there was nothing listed for that day, so I paid for parking and went on my way. I was surprised to see a ticket when I returned to my car. A friend pointed out it was Bears Family Day or something – but if that’s not on the website that is specifically listed on their sign, how am I supposed to know? I’m contesting the ticket.



My super secret (not really) parking spot for running on the Lakefront is on Solidarity Drive, on the way to the Planetarium. Parking is free during the week before 7am (then it’s a no parking zone until 9am), and free on the weekends until 8am (then it’s $2/hour and you can pay through the Park Chicago app if you are still out on your run). It’s only a couple miles from home, so when there’s no traffic, it’s a 10-minute drive for me. And because the museums don’t open until 9am or later, I’m usually one of only a few cars. Anyway, today I got to my spot and saw the trees/poles/etc plastered with NO PARKING AUGUST 10 ALL DAY signs. Not sure why, maybe because of the Bears game tonight? Of, course I adhered to the signs and drove off to look for another parking spot. By the time I found one, I only had time to do 2 miles. Oh well, 2 more miles than had I stayed in bed.


On my drive to/from my run, I smelled … something. I wasn’t sure what it was until I was walking up the stairs in my building after returning from my run … and I noticed dog poop. In the stairwell. Sadly, this is not the first time I’ve noticed dog poop in the hallway/stairwells of my building (WTF NEIGHBORS). Sure enough, when I checked the bottom of my shoe … poop. I took it out on the balcony and tried to clean it with a stick but it was disgusting, and these shoes have 420+ miles on them anyway, and I was already planning to get a new pair. But I did email my building’s management office to let them know. Unfortunately, there are so many dogs in our building (over 100 units and there are multiple dogs on my floor alone) and I’m not sure if there is a camera in the stairwell. Anyway, I’ll be heading to Fleet Feet Old Town later, at least I can try out the new POWWFUL bras while I’m there.

Have you ever stepped in something gross (on the run or not)?
Do you have a secret Chicago parking spot? Kelly and I used to park in a $2 lot near the Loop for downtown races, but now there’s a condo building going up on that block. 

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5 Comments on “Three Things Thursday”

  1. Not having a car has, unsurprisingly, prevented me from developing super secret parking spots in the city, BUT I do feel like it’s given the enough know-how about the CTA to navigate the system like a BOSS. Haha. I feel very proud of myself when I get delayed by one method of CTA travel and can figure out another, quicker way to get to my destination without asking Google to figure it out for me – that’s got to feel somewhat like finding good parking, I’d think?

    That story about the dog poop is just mind-boggling to me. I saw your post on Facebook this morning and straight up could NOT believe it. I cannot FATHOM a situation in which my (hypothetical) dog would poop inside and I’d be like, “Yeah, that’s not my problem,” or where I’d even let him/her poop inside at all (unless it was an accident and I found out about it too late)! I think it’s terrible when people don’t pick up their dog’s poop OUTSIDE! To allow them to do it inside is terrible! Gross gross gross.

    1. I would totally be forgiving if it was a one-time thing, and maybe your dog had an accident that you didn’t notice. But this is not the first time I’ve noticed dog poop indoors! And every dog owner I’ve told this story to so far has said there is no excuse for this. I actually feel like I’ve encountered more dog poop indoors then on the sidewalks/grass outside our building – maybe they feel like the outdoors is enforced more? I don’t know. I really don’t. I’ve never had a dog.

  2. There are some free until 8 am street spots around Grant Park that I notice people rarely park in before races. The RnR starts at 6:30 am so if someone parked there, ran the half in less than 1:25 and then after crossing the finish line continued running straight to their car, their spot would have been free. Might be easier for the RnR 10kers who start at the same time as the halfers! You need to do a DNA test on that poop and figure out whose it is! Yuck.

    1. If those parking spots turn to metered at 8am, you could just save the zone number on your phone, set an alarm for 7:59, and pay for parking via the app as soon as it hits 8am. I’ve done that on the weekend when running on the trail and parked by the Planetarium.

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