Training, June 19 – 25

Monday: Absolute Strength at On Your Mark West Loop via ClassPass; then 1.5-mile Divvy ride home

Tuesday: 5.6-mile run in 57 minutes with 3RUN2

Wednesday: 4.6-mile Divvy ride; then 30 minutes of yoga followed by 1-hour gong meditation with Lululemon and LeFair for International Day of Yoga

Thursday: SHRED415 Arms & Abs via ClassPass – two 15 minute blocks of running sprint/hill intervals and two 15 minute blocks of weights & body weight

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 9-mile run in 1:54

Sunday: Color in Motion 5K

Total Miles (Run + Bike) = 27
Total Time (All) = 7 hours, 42 minutes


Monday at On Your Mark

Tuesday’s run.
Top left photo by me.
All other photos by Micaela Bernal for 3RUN2.

Wednesday’s Yoga – Lights On / Lights Off.

This was an interesting event. I found out about it the day before through the weekly Windy City Blogger Collective members email. It was scarce on details, and I couldn’t really find much more info looking on Facebook, Instagram, etc, but it was free and my curiosity was piqued. All I knew it that it was at a warehouse and I should bring a yoga mat. It ended up being in a warehouse at Damen & Fulton, which is on the edge of Kinzie Industrial Corridor, so an interesting location. I didn’t know how long the event would last or how many people there would be or if it included anything besides yoga. There were maybe 100 of us in a large room, and we were led through a 30-minute yoga flow, then laid down on our mats for a “gong bath” (meditation with gongs and singing bowls). They didn’t say how long that part would go on. Eventually, my hips started to hurt and when I checked my watch, we had been laying there for 45 minutes. It went on for another 10-15 minutes before finally finishing. It was interesting and I’m glad I went, although I would have appreciated some pointers for laying comfortably on a hard surface for such a long period of time.


Thursday at SHRED415

I wanted to get in another run, and it was still warm when I woke up early, so I decided to sleep in and workout at SHRED415 after work, since their workouts include running intervals. And air conditioning. I felt great during the workout and at the end was sprinting at a 10mph (6:00) pace.

Saturday’s run

Saturday was a beautiful day in Chicago and the forecast called for a high of 70, so I allowed myself to sleep in and start my run when I was ready. I don’t even remember what time that was because my Garmin isn’t syncing. Anyway, I felt great during the run, and even ran into Zenaida on the Lakefront Path.


You can read about my experience at the Color in Motion 5K. Here I am at lunch after participating in  #AnnesFarewellTour. Clearly, I failed at getting a photo of Anne.

Overall, I’m really happy with last week’s training. It’s the first time since March 2014 that I ran at least 20 miles in one week. I still worry with every run that Emo Knee will return, so I’ve been very conservative – this was also the first time in a long time that I ran back-to-back days. I’ve been limiting myself to running 3x per week, and I think I can start to try 4x per week. I already dropped my ClassPass membership down to 5 classes per month, but I still want to keep my glutes strong since I’m pretty sure that’s been the secret to defeating my runner’s knee.

FitBit stats:

  • 95,131 steps; 13,590 per day
  • 93 total floors; 13 per day
  • 46.3 total miles; 6.6 per day
  • 2,428 avg. daily calorie burn
  • 410 total active minutes; 59 per day
  • 6 hrs 55 min avg. restful sleep


How was your week? Did you do anything for International Day of Yoga on Wednesday? 

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2 Comments on “Training, June 19 – 25”

  1. I saw that event on Facebook and wondered what it as about. I figured since they were being so secretive, they were giving away free Lululemon swag, not doing a one hour meditation haha. I was also completely unaware of the fact that it was International Day of Yoga, which I guess goes to show what kind of people I follow on social media, since I was VERY aware of Global Running Day a few weeks ago!

    1. I too was hoping for swag since it appeared to be such an “exclusive” event (that had a public Facebook event …) I have to remind myself that events that are open to the public are not always like blogger events (i.e., fewer freebies) and free yoga & mediatation is still a perk.

      Also Global Running Day made me LOL. Scrolling through Instagram, I was like, GEE IS IT GLOBAL RUNNING DAY OR SOMETHING???? Although I totally used the hashtag and posted myself. I follow a few yoginis so I saw some posts of Intl Day of Yoga.

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