Training, June 5 – 11

Monday: HIIT workout at the Skydeck with Sweatworking Week

Tuesday: Rest day because I started running a fever on Monday night

AM – Weight Lifting for Runners at On Your Mark West Loop with Sweatworking Week
PM – Global Running Day fun run with Sweatworking Week and 4.4 miles of Divvy bike rides

Noon: Yoga at the office
PM: HIIT workout at Ultimate Healthy Living Experience with Sweatworking Week and 4.1 miles of Divvy bike rides

Friday: 3.8 miles of Divvy bike rides

Saturday: Rest, sort of. Helped out at my sis-in-law’s dance studio’s recital. Logged 11,464 steps and 28 floors, which is a lot for a weekend day when I don’t run


Total miles (run + bike) = 19
Total time (all) = 8 hours, 20 minutes

My third Sweatworking Week, and my third time with a goal of attending all of the workouts I signed up for … and my third time to fail that goal. But my temp was 101.7 on Monday night, so a full day of rest (sick day from work / no workouts) was in order. My fever did break at some point during the night on Monday, but when your body says “I need a break” … you should take a break. Gave me a chance to fold like 3 weeks’ worth of clean laundry.

Sweatworking Week

Sick day perk – this place normally has a long line.
Not so much on a Tuesday afternoon. 

Backstage and end of show at the recital on Saturday.

I’m so proud of my sis-in-law! She’s created such a wonderful community.  This is the 8th year of their recital, and once again, they had a packed house for both matinee and evening shows, and tons of happy children (and adults) on stage. (Including my niece, nephew, my cousin’s daughter and childhood best friend’s daughter.) It was a family affair as she was obviously running around, my brother was handling ticket sales and also the bake sale with my parents, I was ripping tickets and herding* cats, er, children between backstage and the stage, and my other brother and sis-in-law were running the sound and curtains (and their kids were in the show).

*When I got home, I told Robert I was hoarding cats, which was wishful thinking on my part. 

On Friday afternoon (yay summer hours), I did my last Spartan training – playing on the fitness equipment near UIC. I wanted to try climbing the rope since I had yet to do that successfully since … junior high? I was able to get to the top three times and was so certain that obstacle wouldn’t give me trouble during the race. Well, this one wasn’t slick with mud, and it was secured to the ground, and I wasn’t exhausted … so it was much easier.

Also here are some of my favorites from my (free!) race photos. 

What’s next? I’m sort of starting to follow a marathon training plan. Maybe. Not very well, LOL. This is why I haven’t actually registered for any fall marathons. The only race I’m currently registered for is the Color in Motion 5K later this month. (Use code MAGGIEMILE if you want to join me… please join me. Right now I’m running solo.) I’ve never actually done a color run and I’m actually excited about it. Now that I really don’t care about my pace, it’s kind of fun to try new running experiences. I’m also doing the Strava Mile event in Chicago later this month … which is interesting since I don’t really care about my pace. Maybe I can aim to beat my 8K PR pace (7:53).

What races are you doing this summer? 

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