Training, May 29 -June 4

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 4.2-mile run in 40:52, 10:11 pace with Three Run Two

Wednesday: Total Body Ninja at Junior Ninja Warriors with CrossTown Fitness

Thursday: Sweatworking Week Kickoff workout at the Sears Tower Skydeck in the morning and a 5.5-mile Divvy ride in the evening

Friday: 2.6-mile Divvy ride to work

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: 5.25-mile run in 1:08, 13:02 pace

Total Miles (run + bike) = 17
Total Time (all) = 4 hours, 57 minutes


Tuesday with Three Run Two

Wednesday at Junior Ninja Warriors with Erin. So much fun but so challenging. But I was able to accomplish some stuff, which was a boost since I’m doing a Spartan Race on Sunday. I’ll probably write a separate post about JNW.


Thursday morning during and after the Sweatworking Week Kickoff workout


Sunday’s run

Right now, my focus is on surviving the Spartan Race on Sunday. I’m doing it with Kelly and she is stressing me out with the constant weather updates. (It’s looking like it’ll be in the 90s. Swell.) Meanwhile, I’m stressing myself out thinking that every one of the 20-23 obstacles on our 3-5 mile course will require my arms to carry my entire body weight like monkey bars or a rope climb. It’s gonna be a good time.

FitBit Stats

  • 75,551 total steps; 10,793
  • 81 total floors; 11.6 per day
  • 35.29 total miles; 5.04 per day
  • 2,311 avg. daily calorie burn (meh)
  • 305 total active minutes; 43.6 per day
  • 7 hrs 18 min avg. restful sleep


What did you do last week that was cool or noteworthy?
Can you still do the monkey bars? That has gotten a lot harder with age. 



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2 Comments on “Training, May 29 -June 4”

  1. I am TOTALLY with you on the monkey bars! My old elementary school closed I think my freshman year of college, and they had a special event to say goodbye to the school, if you will (it was a small school – only one class per grade, and about 25 kids/grade, so it was pretty special to most of us who went there). I went to play on the playground one last time after the event and could not get across the monkey bars for the life of me! I remember doing them all the time in elementary school and not having any sort of trouble! It’s got to have something to do with weighing a lot more now than I did when I was seven (though you’d think a seven-year-old’s arm muscles would have just as much trouble holding up the rest of her body weight as a 19 year old). Maybe it’s a ratio thing? Maybe I have more weight in proportion to my arms than I had as a kid? Or more weight in my legs? I don’t know. Regardless, I know it was hard when I was 19, and it wasn’t any easier at JNW a month or so ago at 26! I made it like two bars in at JNW before I just couldn’t do it anymore. Womp.

    Good luck on Sunday! Sending you lots of positive thoughts and cold weather wishes!

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