Five Goals for June

First, checking in on May’s goals:

Run 10 miles. At once. DONE! At the Soldier Field 10.

Professional development. I need to get into a groove with this.

Get in the habit of getting around via bike. I took 8 Divvy trips and covered 20 miles. Not quite a “habit” yet.

Adjust my diet. I’ve been bringing my lunch again. Lately I’ve using recipes via A Sweat Life’s Lunch Bunch menus, which helps.  I feel like I’ve been snacking less but I don’t know for sure.

Spring Cleaning. Yeah, this didn’t really happen. I’m hosting a clothing swap soon (let me know if you’d like an invite), so I will be getting rid of more clothing (and we can assume bringing home “new” clothing), but haven’t cleaned out anything else.

Bonus Goal I just added – Run with a group! I finally got my butt to not one but two 3Run2 group runs!


  • Running the Soldier Field 10
  • Running a sub-9 pace at the Corporate Challenge
  • Checking out AquaMermaid
  • Running 67 miles in one month – highest monthly mileage since April 2014
  • Spending 30.6 hours doing something active – I think this is my most active month ever in my adult life. At least, according to my DailyMile logs going back to 2010.


Goals for June 

Spartan Race! It’s happening. I want to successfully finish the race. I don’t care about my time, I don’t care how many sets of burpees I have to do because I failed at an obstacle. I just want to finish and not injure myself.

Ramp up the mileage. I reached my goal of 10 miles by Memorial Day. I have not experienced knee pain. My loose weekly plan is one easy run, one speedwork run, one long run. Maybe an extra easy run in there if I’m feeling in.  I’m thinking about loosely following a novice marathon plan just to see what happens. (I’m not signed up for anything.)

Make it to every workout I signed up for during Sweatworking WeekMy eyes are always bigger than my … stamina. I signed up for six workouts over the course of four days this time around, including three 6am workouts. But Sweatworking is fun. And I like challenging myself.  And I spent 30+ hours working out last month.

Do fun things outdoors. The Grant Park Music Festival is starting. (Want to join my FB group?) So is Movies in the Park, Summerdance, free workouts at Millennium Park, various street festivals, patios are open at restaurants, etc.

Renew my passport. This was a goal earlier in the year that I didn’t do.


What did you do in May that you’re proud of?
What are you looking forward to in June? 

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9 Comments on “Five Goals for June”

  1. Marathon training plan? Sounds like you are really getting back into things! Congrats on your highest monthly mileage in some time. I wish we could renew a passport like a drivers license. Why do we have to mail it away for 6 weeks. What if I want to go somewhere in those 6 weeks. I’m trapped! 🙂

    1. Yeah, part of me is thinking I’m crazy for even toying with the idea of a marathon training plan. But the other part of me says it’s the 40th anniversary of the Chicago Marathon, I don’t care about my time, and I could buy a bib for pretty cheap off someone else. So part of me wants to start training but not commit to anything if I get to a certain point and realize it’s stupid of me to keep going.

      My Passport expires in August and I’m going to be in Seattle in September and want to leave our options open if we decided to take a quick trip to Canada! I’ve never been! Even though it’s not like Chicago is all THAT far.

      1. Canada is pretty close, but for some reason I never really think about going although there is a lot of cool stuff there. I haven’t thought about going there in quite awhile. I road tripped up to Montreal with some friends a long time ago. Left Chicago on a Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning drove into a French speaking city. Pretty cool.

  2. Wahoo marathon training plan! I think I’ll be doing that loosely too! May saw my first triathlon of the season, and I look forward to more training!!

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