Five Goals for May

Checking in on April’s goals:

Run 60 miles. I ran 61 miles in April! My highest monthly mileage in 3 years (I ran 71 miles in April 2014).
Stretch goal: Cover 100 miles total between running + biking. I covered 73 miles.

Finish a book. I didn’t. So embarrassing.

Get in the habit of Divvying. I thought the weather would improve. It didn’t. I took 8 Divvy rides.

Spend less money. I haven’t logged into Mint to be sure, but I think we did a decent job at this.

Add additional income streams. Didn’t make as much progress as I hoped.

Wow. Guess I’m not doing well at setting SMART goals or whatever.


Highlights of the month:


Goals for May

Run 10 miles. At once. I’ve been following a training plan with the intention of running the Soldier Field 10. I’m not sure if I’ll actually sign up for the race (mostly because of the cost but partly because my pace is still “comfortable”). But I still want to follow the plan and run that distance.

Professional development. Now that my “burlesque break” is here, it’s time to focus on the reasons I’m taking this break. One of them is running, the other is professional development. At the end of last year, my role at work transitioned, and now analytics isn’t a small part of my job … it’s my entire job. Which is exciting! I love math and data and charts and solutions that can be proven. But I have a lot of skill gaps, and if I want to grow in this area, I need to learn some things. Believe it or not, my BA in Communication didn’t require a lot of quantitative or programming skills.

Get in the habit of getting around via bike. Please be on my side, weather. I plan to mostly ride Divvy since it’s the most convenient, and because someone (me) lost the key to her cable bike lock. But I would also like to free my bike, get a tune up, and start doing some recreational rides.

Adjust my diet. I’ve been working out a lot more in the past 6 months. While my size has changed (pants that used to be too tight fit again!), I’m not seeing all of the results I want to see. Probably because my diet went back to my usual after finishing the Little Black Dress Project last fall. I’m starting to read up on macros and how to balance my diet better … so far, I consume too much fat. Shocking. (Not really shocking at all.)

Spring Cleaning. We haven’t moved in 3 years, which is very unlike us. But this means I haven’t been forced to go through all of my belongings and mercilessly get rid of stuff I don’t need. So I’m overdue.

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