Five Goals for April

First, checking in on March’s goals:

Finish a book. This is kind of embarrassing. I did finish a book … but it was 64 pages. The Grownup by Gillian Flynn. It was ok.

Start a training plan. I did start a plan, and I’m still following it! I ran 45 miles in March, which was my highest mileage month since July 2014.

Get around more via Divvy bikes. It was still cold and so rainy last month, and this didn’t happen. At all. I took zero Divvy bike rides.

LBD dietI planned to give up or scale way back on carbs, dairy, added sugars, “junk” food and sweets. I failed. I don’t even think I lasted a day with this goal :-\

Renew my passport. Hasn’t happened yet, but I realized I have until August. Not that I’m planning to go anywhere international.


April’s Goals: 

Some repeats. Sorry.

Run 60 miles. If I follow my training plan, this will happen.  Stretch goal: Cover 100 miles total between running + biking.

Finish a book. I have a stack of library books on my shelf right now. They sit, mostly untouched. I have the best intentions. I’m also still trying to get through Bernie’s book.

Get in the habit of Divvying. The weather is improving. This should be easy.

Spend less money. So, the IRS demanded a bit more from us than we anticipated this year, so in addition to our typical we-really-need-to-pay-down-debt approach, we now have this.  And so, next goal …

Add additional income streams. I’m taking a break from burlesque, so I have a little bit more free time. One thing I want to do is start taking on freelance work. I recently stumbled into a new client/opportunity, but after some initial work, I don’t think it’ll turn into a regular income stream. But I have ideas for how to put myself out there more, and hopefully, find potential clients. I also really should get Google Analytics Certified – I have a feeling with the amount I already know, it shouldn’t be that hard, just need to make it official.

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