Three Things Thursday

We’re getting close to the weekend, y’all. If you’re in Chicago, the weather has been pretty crummy this week, but it’s looking up for the weekend. What else is going on?

Spartan Race

Think outside the box with Spartan Race.  See how you stack up against top athletes. Sign up for a Spartan Race with code CF176, and after the race, see where you rank.


Spartan Race is providing me with a free race entry in exchange for helping promote their race. SO COME RACE WITH ME! EEEEK. Sunday, June 11th outside Chicago.  You bet I’m doing the 3-5 mile Sprint distance. 



If you work in an office, how often do you move? I’ve been with my company just shy of four years, and while we’ve been in the same building the whole time, I just moved desks for the sixth time. I’m also on my fifth boss.  I’m still here though …

Sweat to Inspire 


Erica, me, Hillary   

Tuesday was Equal Pay Day and A Sweat Life celebrated with Sweat to Inspire, an event featuring a RBG-themed workout (and tank top, modeled by Erica in the photo above) followed by yoga, and fierce female speakers Sarah Spain, talking sexism in sports broadcasting, and Sarah Ames, who ran seven marathons on seven continents in seven days to raise money for Hamlin Fistula.  It was a great event! Kudos to the team at A Sweat Life.

What’s going on in your world? Tell me something random. 

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6 Comments on “Three Things Thursday”

  1. I admit I’m intrigued by the idea of an obstacle race, but I don’t really want to get muddy. But I also don’t want to do one of those silly girly ones with bubbles instead of mud or whatever. So, yeah. It’s dilemma.

    At my previous job I moved offices twice in six years. At my current job I’ve moved desks twice in almost three years (only because the entire company moved from one building to another). You guys sure like to shake things up!

    1. The last (well, only) time I did an obstacle race, I totally skipped the obstacle that would have made me really muddy. But, it was October and while it wasn’t cold, it wasn’t warm and getting muddy also meant getting wet. I think in June, I could deal with it. I’d probably hate it, but if I’m expecting it, that’ll make it easier.

  2. I’ve managed to stay in my same desk for the entire year that I’ve worked here, but I feel like more of the exception than the norm. We opened a new floor in our building in July, so half the office moved down there then, and there’s been a ton of swapping and rearranging going on ever since. Fortunately I’ve been unaffected (so far!).

  3. Even if I wasn’t pregnant, I shy away from the obstacle races. The “baby-ish” warrior dash scared me when I did it! Haha!!

    I’ve been at my current job for almost 4 years but never switched desks. My old company,I moved offices once. It’s such a pain! Can’t believe you moved desks 6 times!

    1. The nice thing about working in “digital” marketing is that other than our computers and personal items, we don’t have much to move! They’ve also downsized our actual desks, so we have less space to keep stuff anyway. I think the biggest “thing” I had to move was the collection of shoes I keep in my desk, since I typically wear sneakers or snow/rain boots during my commute.

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