Race Report: Shamrock Shuffle 2017

Oh hey! A race report! It’s been awhile (umm… 18 months?) since I’ve done one of these! What do I even report? Ha.

Last year, I signed up for the Shuffle really early when the price was low, and despite going to the expo and even going to Goodwill for throwaway clothes, I bailed on the race. I stand by my decision because friends who did run last year say it was really cold.

This year, I waited until closer to race day to make sure 1) the weather wouldn’t be too terrible and 2) my knee was doing well. Oh and 3) I was actually running some mileage.

I swung by the expo on Friday to pick up my bib and swag.  On Saturday, I stopped by Goodwill to pick up throw away clothes because I hate being cold. By the time it’s officially spring, I just don’t want to be cold anymore. I’d rather overdress.

Saturday night I laid out my flat runner because hey, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a race. Let’s be festive.


I was in Wave 2, so I could actually sleep until 7:00. I think this is the latest I’ve ever slept before the Shamrock Shuffle. F*** Wave 1, this is where it’s at. I had my coffee and my usual breakfast smoothie and was out the door around 7:45am.  It was too long of a wait for the bus, so I rode a Divvy to the Blue Line, and then saw that it was too long of a wait for the train, so I ended up riding a Divvy bike all the way to Grant Park.  The nice thing about riding a bike there is I got to ride part of the way on the course, which was already closed to traffic.


Divvy, the way to really fly. (Please don’t sue me, Metra.) 

However, I was all layered up and starting to sweat from my unplanned ride over. The temps were cool, but there was zero wind. (Which is ideal for running, I was just wearing a million layers.) I headed straight to the gear check and dropped off my bag, but I realized I didn’t need my throw away clothes, so I ditched those. I hit up the port-o-potties and headed into the corral.

I got into the corrals about 15 minutes before they closed, and while waiting, I stretched out my hips and did my glute exercises. (When I was still seeing a PT, he recommended I “wake up my glutes” before a run by doing some exercises. These are easy to do anywhere and require no equipment and no getting on the ground.)

We were off shortly after 9am. I started the NRC app on my phone and then shoved it in my FlipBelt. I started my FitBit for good measure, even though it never gets the distance correct, I like getting the read on my heart rate. My NRC app was reading out my stats every mile but was clearly off from the mile markers, so I didn’t know my actual pace. I didn’t really care though. I knew I was nowhere near PR shape.

So I pulled over to take some selfies, duh.  And photos of the crowd.

By the Chicago Theatre  /  By the Sears Tower  

Hello, friends! 

I felt good during the race. More importantly, MY KNEES FELT GREAT. Both of them. Any tiredness or achiness they felt was symmetrical. This makes me so happy. Post-race, my knees felt fine walking down stairs. SUCCESS.

After finishing and getting all the snacks and my bag, I found Kelly! She ran a great race!


We hung out for a bit, waiting for one of her friends to finish, before they took off to head home. I swung by the Bean. It was a really nice day for a Bean photo.


I needed an extra hand, I was having a hard time getting it to focus on the medal and not the dumb bean


I still remember when they built the Bean and I was all “What a goofy thing to install, I don’t get it.” What did I know.

So, how did I do on the race?

Personal worst! But I don’t care, because, knee.

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