How to Style a Lularoe Carly Dress

how to style a lularoe carly dress  how to style a lularoe carly dress

So, I’m not going to lie … Lularoe’s Carly dress is basically a trendy muumuu t-shirt dress. It’s loose-fitting and stretchy.  Everytime I put it on, I ask myself “am I doing this?”

Yes. Yes I am. Even at the office.

How to Style a Lularoe Carly Dress  

Like many Lularoe pieces, there are a bunch of “style hacks” you can do on the Carly, but on this day, I just wore it as is with a jacket that came in my LeTote tote around the same time I got the dress. Destiny.

I will admit that I don’t like that the inside of the dress is white, and given the high-low hemline, you can see that. It doesn’t bother me enough to keep me from wearing it. However, I have a couple other Lularoe pieces that I plan to get shortened, and I’m tempted to bring this along and even out the hem.

I also loved this jacket from LeTote and would have kept it if it was cheaper, but instead, I’ll likely add it to a future tote and wear it again. Probably with this dress. Again.

Dress: Lularoe via Annabelle
Jacket: Summer & Sage via LeTote
Necklace: Similar
Bracelet: PANDORA
Wedge Booties: Similar

Have you ever passed off a muumuu as “professional” wear? If you wear Lularoe, how do you style your Carly dress?


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3 Comments on “How to Style a Lularoe Carly Dress”

  1. I love that jacket. I’ve been scouring the city and internet for structured layer pieces like blazers that don’t make me feel like I think I just won a golf tournament, but I am totally striking out. I saw a similar one at Nordstrom Rack a while back, but was a little more casual/cozy than yours. For what it’s worth, the dress doesn’t look at all loose or muumuu-ish; the jacket really pulls it in and together!

  2. I’ve been thinking about getting a Carly (or any Lularoe) but I’m hesistant. The Carly is cute but I wonder if the lack of shape is going to make me look totally meh. I like that you added the jacket! And that jacket is awesome!

    1. Annabelle (who I typically buy from) has a Lularoe “boutique” in Lakeview where she keeps her inventory – so being able to try on the different pieces, and figure out sizing, was a big help. If you’re ever in Lakeview, you can stop by (just join her group, it’s linked in my post), or, I bet you could find a local seller closer to you that would let you stop by and try things on.

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