Making it work. Or moving on.

This year, I’m trying to be more focused on what is important to me, and not necessarily get caught up in the numbers. Last year, I set all these specific goals in January, and as the year went on, I wasn’t as interested in chasing down those goals … so I kind of stopped.

This year is more about ideas than specific quantifiable goals, which will hopefully give me the flexibility to feel like I’m still working toward something that works for me.

And that’s my overall frame of mind for this year … does it work for me? And if it doesn’t, how can I make it work until I can change it?

Often, we find ourselves in situations that aren’t exactly what we want them to be … but we can’t walk away from them. Typically this might be how we feel about our jobs. But there is still something to be learned while making it work.

In my recent past, I found myself caught up in the inertia of friendships. I was continuing to make time for friendships not because they worked for me, but because they existed. I’ve started letting go of these, and not necessarily ending them, but not making time for them. Because if it doesn’t work for me, why make it a priority at all? (And those friends weren’t making time either, so it was mutual.)

I also need to keep myself in check with my “for fun” activities. I have a lot of interests – dance, music, art, running and fitness, playing certain sports. When I was a kid, it was easy to find time to do them all, especially in high school when all of those things are offered as a class or extracurricular activity. As an adult, we only have so many hours in the day. I have found when I try to focus on too much at once, I feel spread thin, and can’t really do anything well. So I need to focus on what’s important to me right now, what do I enjoy most, and make that work until it doesn’t.


Does it work?
Can I make it work or still learn/get something out of it?
If not, time to move on. 

Not really a new frame of mind for me, but it helps to articulate it into words.

Do you have a mantra or theme or mindset for 2016?


Normally I hate “Keep calm and [dumb phrase]” … but … well this kind of sums it up, really. Plus I love Tim Gunn.

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4 Comments on “Making it work. Or moving on.”

  1. That’s a good mindset. I’ve especially been doing that with friendships over the past few years, and it’s made the relationships I do keep even better 🙂

    Too bad we can’t have ALL THE INTERESTS!!! like when we were in school. I hope you find your top ones!!! (and the time for them!)

  2. I am right there with you on quality over quantity, especially with friendships and interests. It’s a tough balance sometimes, but I am working towards not doing things out of obligation, and not feeling guilty about it. Cheers to a great new start and to making intentions instead of specific goals!

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