2016 Plans/Goals/Stuff At Which I’ll Fail

Another new year, another chance to refocus on my priorities.

Health, physical: Get stronger and do more yoga. And see what my knee really can handle these days. Get rid of this bump on my scalp (pretty sure it’s a harmless sebaceous cyst).

How’s that for an opener????

Health, mental: Get back into paper journaling, and possibly see a therapist to talk out some stuff.


Living authentically: I would like to more pro-actively support the values that are important to me – women’s rights, reproductive rights, and sex positivity. And volunteer beyond just the A&BC. And continue to love freely in the ways that are natural for me.

Love: Make time for the ones I love and be a good partner. But always be a good partner to myself and make self care a priority.

Friends: Do the work to try to cultivate and grow important friendships. Including out-of-state friends.

Money: In 2015, we reduced our debt by a measly 3%.  I’d like to reduce it by at least 6% this year, or more if we take a more drastic measure (we’re looking at debt management or a personal loan).

Travel: Leave the Chicago area for more than 48 hours at least 3 times.

Culture: Experience at least one cultural thing per month, and check out at least four new-to-me things over the course of the year. Read 20 books, and attend book club (any of the many that I try to be involved with) at least 6 times.

Dance: Find my space in dance. While I really enjoy burlesque (if that wasn’t obvious), I’m not sure if it’s the best fit for me. I enjoy dancing, and there are a lot of opportunities as a non-professional dancer to perform dance via burlesque, but I want to find other opportunities that focus on dancing first.

Professional: Get paid what I feel I’m worth, and “do math” for a living. Get certified in Google Analytics (it’s free). Do more pro-bono work.

Getting outside my comfort zone: Do something once a month that makes me at least a little nervous.


Whew, that’s a lot to focus on. I don’t expect to solve/accomplish/be done with everything on this list, it’s just an opportunity to take a step back and remember what it is I want to focus my energies on.

What are you focusing on or hope to achieve in 2016? 

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6 Comments on “2016 Plans/Goals/Stuff At Which I’ll Fail”

  1. I need to push myself to do more things that make me nervous. I usually hate it while I’m doing it, but I always get so much of it.

  2. I love journalling. I have a couple that I’ve kept since I finished college. It’s really helpful, and now it’s interesting to go back and re-read old stuff.

    Well, you know I recommend debt consolidation to stop the bleeding of interest and finance charges. T actually went to school for personal finance (and is the reason I was finally able to get out of debt). He’d be happy to help you guys work out a plan, if you want.

  3. I really need to get certified in Google Analytics. It’s such a helpful tool, and I think I have a good grasp on it, but I also have a feeling I could do a LOT more with it. Plus I can’t imagine having that certification would hurt me professionally.

    Have you ever taken classes at Lou Conte? Every time I’ve gone there (which has been all of twice during open houses, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt) it’s felt more geared towards ~dancer~ dancers than casual, adult-learner dancers like me. I don’t think they have many performance opportunities, but they do have drop-in classes, so you could always stop by and see if you like the vibe.

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