2015 Goals Recap

Before I launch into my 2016 goals, let’s take a look at how I did on the 2015 goals.


Keep up with PT exercises. Yeah. Didn’t happen.

Weekly yoga. I made it to 32 yoga classes, so I missed about 20 weeks. Meh.

104 strength workouts. (2x per week.) I did 71. So, 1-2 per week.

1,000 miles. I made it 382 miles on foot or bike. Maybe I should have also counted mileage on the rowing machine. Doubt it would have been 618. Hey but my knee didn’t get worse. 


Overall, this was the amount of time I spent working out, in minutes. I worked out for 11,151 minutes … or 185.85 hours … or 7.74 days.


Art & Culture:

Perform again.performed in three shows! And had a blast!


Read 18 books. I read 11, and that includes a couple books I got halfway through and lost interest. I think I made it to 5 book club meetings.

Attend at least one art-related thing per month. I’m counting 14 things, the highlights were seeing Madonna at the United Center, Don Quixote at the Auditorium Theater, and finally checking out Second Fridays in Pilsen.


Stop talking myself out of doing things. I did some fun stuff but I think I started falling back into my routine of talking myself out of doing things toward the end of the year.

Volunteer. I worked on a great BVA project with the Audience Architects that was not only a lot of fun but got me closer to the professional dance community in Chicago, and gave me more confidence to pursue what I really want to be doing (analytics). I also volunteered at a water station at the Chicago Marathon.

Decrease our debt. We reduced it by 3% which is not the amount of progress we should be making in one year.

So, some hits, lots of misses, but keep trying, right? What goals did you achieve in 2015? 

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3 Comments on “2015 Goals Recap”

  1. You should be so proud! You did SO much more than I did in nearly every category…fitness..arts…volunteering..reading… Don’t discount your acheivements. And man I really want to do more yoga this year. I miss it!

    1. Thanks! You’re right, I shouldn’t discount what I did achieve. We set these big, lofty goals for ourselves that it distracts us when we still do good things even if it’s not everything we wanted to do.

  2. I think this is great! I’m the same as you- I set lofty goals and then get some of the way there. That’s ok though! For my 2016 goals I’m looking to be more realistic. I’m setting monthly goals and already for January I’m reeling myself in a bit.

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