2015 Highlights

I feel like I didn’t do a lot this year, but I dunno, it’s all relative, so let’s take a look at the cool stuff that happened.

Performing on stage was a pretty big highlight! This year I performed in three Vaudezilla student shows:



May – both photos are screenshots of a video produced by Vaudezilla


Photo by Eve Studnicka


October – second photo is a screenshot from video by Vaudezilla


December – both photos are screenshots from videos by Vaudezilla


And I taught some more workshops at Room to Move:








I occasionally did some running, even a few races.


Shamrock Shuffle


Chase Corporate Challenge


Super Bears Shuffle – raddest medal ever



My cousin got married. This is most of my extended family on my mom’s side.


In August, I went to Boston for BFF Vera’s Ultra Bachelorette Party


And then in October, my husband and I headed to Boston/Providence for the wedding … got there via unexpected road trip.


And I spent a lot of time at the office and working out via ClassPass.

I had a lot of personal growth this year that I didn’t really write about in this blog because, well, it’s personal. I’ve also been feeling unsure of the role of this blog. It’s a bit topical, especially with the occasional sponsored post, and it feels inappropriate to me to use this space to talk about personal and/or political/social matters. I do very rarely post over at IRunWithFastWomen.com, so you could follow there and maybe I’ll start posting more. Maybe not.

As for how I feel about 2015 … I’m not sure if I’m where I want to be right now. There are a lot of things I love about my life, but there are some things I’d like to change. So … stay tuned for my 2016 goals post 🙂

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