Volunteer Report: Chicago Marathon 2015

This morning I volunteered at Aid Station 13 just before mile 18 on the Chicago Marathon course. I’ve run this race, and spectated many times, but this was my first time officially volunteering. I signed up through the Oak Park Runners Club (via Erin).


Check-in was at 6:30am. I arrive a few minutes after, checked in and got my official jacket and volunteer credentials (and eventually a hat, which I was so thankful for once the sun was a little higher). I ate breakfast before leaving home, but the OPRC provided coffee, juice and various baked goods, so I grabbed half a pumpkin muffin since I knew I likely wouldn’t eat again until 2pm.

I was assigned to a water table with 4 other ladies and we quickly got to work.




Volunteer debriefing. The aid station was very  well run. You could tell the OPRC has done this before! 🙂


Wheelcheer leaders came by around 8:20am.


Men’s leaders


Women’s leaders


Deena Kastor en route to setting a new Women’s Masters Record, finishing 7th and first woman from the US! #BadAss

Once the elites went through, our work began. Our aid station took up an entire city block with gatorade and water. The course had a steady crowd for over 3 hours. It was starting to die down around 1pm, when the “sweepers” went through to signify the couse was closing, however, there was still a stream of walkers at that point. We handed out water while we cleaned up, but eventually we had to clear the streets to re-open. But I will say, even the clean up process was pretty streamlined and over before I knew it.


I was home by 1:45pm. I ate some lunch while watching the recording of the marathon, but I was exhaused and ended up taking a brief power nap so I could make it through the rest of the day. I was on my feet for over 7 hours, in the sun most of that time. I don’t remember if I was this (sleepy) tired after running the marathon! I probably had a lot more adrenaline that day.

Have you ever volunteered at a race? The last time I was an official race volunteer was the Soldier Field 10 a few years age.  

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7 Comments on “Volunteer Report: Chicago Marathon 2015”

  1. That is so great that you volunteered. I’ve thought about doing it a big race like the marathon in the past, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. It definitely seems like a lot of work so special thanks to you and everyone who has volunteered at a race! As a runner, I feel it really makes you appreciate the people that are out there, spending their time, just to help you out. And some great photos of the elites!

  2. Thanks for volunteering!! I’ve done a fair amount of race day “volunteering” over the past few years (except I get paid, so even though my tasks are volunteer-esque, I’m definitely not technically volunteering), and it’s seriously no joke at all. I totally forgot you were at Erin’s aid station until I got to Ashland! You were even on my side of the road, too. Bummer! I think all of the aid stations at Chicago have their act together, and maybe I’m biased, but I will say that the Taylor Street aid station is one of the best, in my opinion. It’s always so organized!

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