The Price of Pumpkin: Beer Club #2 with Lakeshore Beverage

Have you heard of the Lakeshore Beverage‘s new Beer Club? Every month, they invite bloggers, beer writers, influencers, industry folk and friends for a private gathering to learn more about (and enjoy) a certain beer. I’m not sure if I got on the list because I’m a blogger or because Lakeshore’s digital marketing specialist used to report to me, for a very brief period of time, at my previous job.


This month’s Beer Club featured Pumpkin Ale from Schlafly Beer:


Dan Kopman, co-founder of Schlafly Beer pours a Pumpkin Ale. Source.

In addition to their Pumpkin Ale, we also enjoyed their Kolsch and Dry-Hopped APA, while listening to Dan share his story on the history of Schlafly Beer, as well as how they created their Pumpkin Ale. The important distinction is that they wanted to create an actual Pumpkin Ale, and not merely a pumpkin-flavored beer. While they didn’t give away all of their secrets, they did share that inspiration came from getting a juice at a health food store, and realizing they needed to find a “giant ass juicer” to make the beer they wanted. The result was a damn tasty beer.


The beer in the pint glass is actually their Kolsch, the Pumpkin Ale had a richer, amber color, as you can see in the photo of Dan above.

I will admit that while I love pumpkin, I’m not a pumpkin-flavor nut. I don’t drink Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, and honestly, I don’t go out of my way to drink pumpkin beer (I won’t turn it down though). However, Schlafly’s version is worth it. It has a lot of flavor, so it’s not something I would drink a lot of in one sitting, but would be great in place of a cocktail after dinner, perhaps with a slice of pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread, both of which were served during Beer Club.

IMG_9877 IMG_9880

If you’re interested in learning more about Beer Club, learn more and submit your info on the Lakeshore Beverage website.

What’s your favorite pumpkin beer? What do you enjoy your pumpkin beer with? Alone or with food? Dessert? 

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