Race Report: Super Bears Shuffle 5K


What’s this? A race report? Maggie ran a race?

Well, to be honest, Maggie was offered a couple of comp entries to this race. I am nowhere near “racing shape” and this race really proved that point for me.

A couple comp entries meant my husband could join me for the Thursday eveningĀ race, even though …


Yeah. He’s a Packers fan. It’s a cross I have to Bear (heh) and despite this obvious flaw, he’s worth it šŸ˜‰ Ā Also made him realllly easy to spot in the crowd.

We both showed up to Soldier Field around 6:15 for a 6:30 start, and we needed to pick up our bibs and check our bags, so by the time we got to the start corrals, they were packed. Since neither of us was feeling all that competitive, we didn’t bother trying to shove our way in and just lined up in back. We started around 6:40.

The course was a little crowded at first, but even though it was on the Lakefront Path, it wasn’t terrible. However, I wasn’t really trying all that hard. I ran with my Jabra Sport Pulse ear buds, which read out my stats every quarter-mile, including my heart rate. So I knew what effort I was at, and it was so not the effort I used to aim for during a 5K. But I also haven’t been doing much in the way of endurance lately, so I didn’t bother trying to push it. It would not have gone well.

The race course included some fun football-themed stuff, Emily does a much better job capturing it all. I ran pastĀ most of it, but I did high-five Staley Da Bear. My husband apparently did some trash-talking around the tackling dummies, something about comparing the dummies to the Bears. He said he got booed. And loved it. You can’t proudly be a Packer fan in Chicago without learning to love the hostility.

So I thought perhaps during the race, I could ramp up my heart rate, even if I wasn’t pushing it quite as high as normal. But by mile 3, I wasn’t really feeling like I had a kick, and my heart rate actually got lower. I finished in 29:09 … not my best, but hey, not my worst! And not really all that surprising given my lack of running as of late. Maybe now that the weather is cooler, I’ll find my running motivation again.

While waiting for my husband to finish, I ran into my friend Kelli, and after we got our bags, we ran into Emily on our way to get our free beers.



After finishing our beers, my husband and I walked over to Kroll’s for dinner and then took a short Uber ride home. I loveĀ living close to the Loop.

Overall, this was a fun race with some nice swag – I love the shirts and this is one of the nicest medals I’ve ever received.


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5 Comments on “Race Report: Super Bears Shuffle 5K”

  1. Our husbands would get along well. He’s from Wiscosin so he doesn’t exactly fit into my family when it comes to sporting events. Too bad for him, our daughter WIIL BE a Cubs fan!

    Sounds like a fun race. I’m excited to run in cooler temps.

  2. I’m in a mixed marriage as well – I married into a Bears family and am forced to live here šŸ™‚ I also ran the Bears 5k last week was not allowed to wear my Packers gear – I lost a bet to my brother in-law… Great recap!

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