Awesome August


Keep up with PT exercises. Still not very motivated in this regard. I’ve been thinking about picking a fall goal race and trying to get back to feeling like a “runner” … but I haven’t followed through at all.

Weekly yoga. I made it to 5 classes, including attempting yoga on a paddleboard, and I even made it to a couple 6am yoga classes (who am I?)

104 strength workouts. (2x per week.) I did six, including two kettlebell classes at OTG Bootcamp. I really dig that place.

1,000 miles. 43 total miles. 28 cycling, 9 running, 4 walking.

Art & Culture:

Perform again. I already hit this goal in May.

Read 18 books. I attended book club for The Martian which I read in July. I started Sin in the Second City but haven’t been keeping up with it. I also started Working by Studs Terkel for September book club. So I didn’t finish any books in August.

Attend at least one art-related thing per month. I went to the Renaissance Faire, and saw some live bands in Boston. So that’s gotta count.



Stop talking myself out of doing things. I went to a fun run at Fleet Feet and a WCBC event – however, both came with the promise of free stuff, so there’s that. I went to book club, which for a long time I did talk myself out of doing.


Volunteer. We wrapped up our BVA project with the Audience Architects.

Decrease our debt. It’s a long road ahead.

Other stuff that happened in August: 

Olive and I celebrated our 6th “Oliversary


My cousin got married


I went to Boston for my bestie’s bachelorette weekend


And I worked a lot.

How was your August? 

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4 Comments on “Awesome August”

  1. I need more yoga in my life. Good for you for going to the 6am class! I had a baby in August so it was a pretty good month. 🙂

  2. August was great, increased speed and distance. As soon as September came around messed up my calf muscle, it’s ok though!!! I like how you are accomplishing your goals. Have a great Labor Day.

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