#WorkoutWednesday – More ClassPass

Really, are you surprised? 🙂  Here are some new-to-me studios I’ve been able to check out via ClassPass:

Studio Fit ChicagoThe main reason I checked out this studio is because Erin teaches on Tuesday nights! She led us through a sweaty tabata workout. I would like to never do a plank-to-frogger again, kthnx.


River North GymI’ve been to two classes at RNG so far – TRX and Boxing. Both were great workouts! The TRX class included intervals on the TRX bands and on the floor using other equipment – kettlebells, medicine balls, etc. The Boxing class included a lot of sparring with a partner holding up mitts. I signed up for that class on a day when I felt like punching something would be really helpful, and it was.

Fit ResultsI heard good things about their workouts, and the South Loop location is pretty convenient for me on the way home for work. I attended a Bootcamp class, which definitely had a bootcamp feel. We rotated between 6 exercises (resistance bands, pushups, kettlebells, etc), doing a set of burpees and a short run outside in between sets. It was a great, no-frills workout.

I’ve also been returning to some of my favorite studios – OTG Bootcamp, CrossTown Fitness, Yoga Six. If you’re a ClassPasser, let’s take a class together!

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  1. I want to take one of Erin’s classes & I’m hoping to try class pass once I’m cleared for exercise. I’d love to take a class with you!

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