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This past weekend, I was in Boston for BFF Vera’s Bachelorette Party. Given that I don’t live in Boston and have been there once, her other bridesmaids did the heavy lifting when it came to the plans. The theme of the weekend was “The Best of Boston for the Best Bride” and we did many of Vera’s favorite things all weekend. It was great for me because it gave me a chance to see the best of Boston in a short time, especially since the one time I did visit Vera, we did a lot of stuff outside of Boston.

So, if you’re curious about Vera’s Best of Boston, here you go! Prepare for a lot of selfies, sorry … we had a stick.

Friday started with a workout at one of her favorite studios, Barry’s Bootcamp. The format was really similar to Shred415, but our instructor was really intense. He kept telling us to increase our pace and/or incline on the treadmill and eventually I was all (to myself) “you’re not the boss of me.”


After our tough workout (and shower), we headed to Flour, a delicious bakery and cafe.


Who cares about the food! We’re hanging out in person! But if you go, get the homemade raspberry seltzer and a rice krispie treat!

From Flour, we went to G2O Spa for some relaxation. We also started having fun with a selfie stick, or as Vera called it, the Phone Extender. #Veraisms


At G2O, we relaxed in the Brine Room (with a calming waterfall) and then 5 of us had The Bali Experience. Basically we were in a steam room for 30 minutes, rubbing lotion and a salt scrub on ourselves, with a rainstorm to finish. We felt like we were marinating and then spicing ourselves, and our giggles (and shrieks) could be heard down the hall. I’m sure we really helped to foster the relaxing atmosphere. I really need to go to the spa more often, even if it’s just this place.

Dinner on Friday night was at Cuchi Cuchi. We sat at an amazing light-up table and the shot glasses were quite festive.


That’s the shot glass upside. They take “bottoms up” quite literally. 

After dinner, we walked to the Middle East nightclub for live music from the Dirty Dottys, Jay & Bey and the Timberfakes. Confession: a couple songs into the Timberfakes, we were tired and felt that the place we getting too loud and too crowded so we went home to bed. #Old

Saturday started with another workout. We all went to Exhale Spa, I did yoga and everyone else did core fusion (Vera’s favorite of course). Thanks to my ClassPass membership, my class was covered! After showering, we went across the street to the Public Garden for a lovely picnic.

IMG_9277 IMG_9279

And then we did some kayaking on the Charles River.


After kayaking, we had a “break,” and since it was my birthday, Vera took me back to Flour for some treats, which we enjoyed while catching up on Project Runway.

Saturday evening’s festivities included some bachelorette party games at the condo of one of the bridesmaids, and then dinner at Vera’s favorite restaurant, Myers + Chang.


I’m kind of sold on selfie sticks …


Best Woman & The Bride.


Instead of cake, we had a tower of rice krispie treats from Flour. (They are the bomb.)

After dinner, we stopped at a local watering hole for dancing, and then called it a night because …

Sunday started with another workout! The rest of the ladies went to Flywheel and I met Jessica for a megaformer class at BTone (also on ClassPass).


Then I met up with the rest of the group to pick up Blackbird Doughnuts and head to the beach.

But it was rainy, so we skipped the beach and headed to our lunch destination, The Lobster Pool, which sits on the Ipswich Bay.


That would be the lobster pool (er, tub?) inside The Lobster Pool. Pretty fresh eats.

IMG_9300 IMG_9298

I took the easy route and got a lobster roll. Some of the other ladies got whole lobsters. Maybe next time I’ll attempt one.

And that was the end of the bachelorette party. I had a blast celebrating my best friend, getting to know her Boston friends, and celebrating my birthday with Vera for the first time in 12 years!

Have you been to Boston? What are your favorite things to do/places to go? We’ll be back there soon-ish for the wedding, and it’ll be my husband’s first time there. 

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4 Comments on “The Best of Boston”

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! What an amazing weekend! You really got a lot of mileage out of your ClassPass membership, too. That is awesome that you got to meet up with Jessica!

    My best friend lived in Boston for several years and I had a great time visiting her there. I remember one of my favorites was going to the North End, which is Boston’s Italian neighborhood. So much good food!

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