Crazy May

The title is not in reference to a new friend (or a new kitty, although maybe that could inspire a name), but rather, my month.

But let’s start with the boring stuff.


Keep up with PT exercises. I started doing this again at the end of April and kind of maintained throughout May. I think I usuaully did my exercises 2-3 times per week. (And maybe in June I’ll finally pay off my PT bill! Haha. Wait, that’s not actually funny.)

Weekly yoga. I made it to 2 classes, both for free on Sundays with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe.

104 strength workouts. I did 5 workouts. I put my ClassPass membership on hold and apparently lost any motivation to workout on my own. The workouts I did were: 1) use the last remaining credit I had at Body R&D, mere days before it expired;  2) a personal training session with Chris Abbott;  3) two complimentary classes courtesey of GoRow; and  4) a class at the Uplift Pop-up, courtesey of ClassPass.


However, I really need to get back on track with strength because I’m attempting two obstacle races this summer – the Warrior Dash on June 14th (kind of a wash at this point) and the Spartan Sprint on August 16th.

1,000 miles. 51 miles! The most since last October. 13 running, 38 Divvying. I even did a race!

Art & Culture:

Perform again. In case you missed it, I had my third burlesque performance. TL; DR: TOTES FUN.  10/10 would do again.


All that money and time in PT to strengthen my glutes was worth it, yes?

Read 18 books. I started Sex at Dawn for a book club. Didn’t finished it, didn’t go to the meeting. Kind of lost interest when they went into a lot of detail about monkey sex. Then I started to re-read Middlesex for a different book club. Realized I would miss the meeting, so I haven’t finished it (this time around). At the end of the month, I started American Gods. Haven’t finished it, but that book club meeting is at the end of June.

Attend at least one art-related thing per month. I performed.


Let’s side plank!


Stop talking myself out of doing things. I did some social stuff. And not just takin’ off my clothing on stage.

Volunteer. Had another meeting for the BVA project I’m working on with the Audience Architects. It’s really starting to come together. The end result has the potential of being pretty neat!

Decrease our debt. My husband started his new job, it’s been stressful for him and it’s loooong hours (hey what a great situation for him to finally finish his master’s thesis, yes???). But, it’s a paycheck, so we’ll get back on track with our finances, hopefully. In related news, my job was CRAZY last month. (Well, it still is.) Half my team was out on maternity leave at once. And then one came back and gave notice. I’m also starting to put more thought into getting my masters degree. (Maybe this program.) Which might mean (more) student loans, oy.

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