Save up to $40 on the Spartan Race!

I have a new goal for 2015! My husband and I are going to run the Spartan Race! The Chicago Sprint (4+ miles) to be specific. And you can save up to $40 if you want to attempt a Spartan Race!


Use code MEMORIAL to save $40 on the Spartan Beast, $30 on the Spartan Super or $20 on the Spartan Sprint. Any city, any date! But act fast! This offer ends on 5/27! Search dates, cities and distances, and sign up at

So, back to our race. I have only attempted one obstacle-style race in the past, in a pirate costume. I rolled my ankle jumping off an obstacle and that was kind of it for me.

However, inspired by Kelly and Meghan getting through the Spartan Super last year (8 miles!), and all the strength training I’ve been doing in place of running, I’m ready to give this style of racing another go! And I’ll have my (Former) Sailor by my side to hopefully give me a boost when I need one. But we’re playing it “safe” and going for the 4-mile Sprint option.


Want to Spartan with us? Register by 5/27 with code MEMORIAL to save $20/$30/$40 depending on distance.

Have you done a Spartan Race? Please give me all of your advice. 

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One Comment on “Save up to $40 on the Spartan Race!”

  1. Yay! Glad to see you are running (and obstacling) again! I have never done one (afraid I might roll an ankle or something like you did). Maybe once I’ve accomplished all of my road racing bucket list goals, I will be more carefree about my legs – then I’ll attempt one.

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