Burlesque Performance #3

Last night was my third burlesque performance. TL;DR – had butterflies, but it was hot!

The performance this time was a result of taking Burlesque 3/4 with Red Hot Annie at Vaudezilla. It was such a fun session! We had a great group of ladies in the class, and the number we did was really fun … and sexy. We were performing to Sinead O’Connor’s cover of Why Don’t You Do Right. You may remember that song from a great 80s movie …

So yeah, Femme Fatale was our goal. And apparently, Femme Fatale was what we delivered!

I failed at taking any pictures other than one when I started getting ready, and one when I got home.

IMG_7504 IMG_7506

Because when someone posts about a burlesque performance, this is what you want to see, yes? 

BUT, they had a photographer and videographer at the show, so hopefully I’ll have some good shots soon!

Even though this was my third performance, this was my first Student Showcase. My other performances have been as a student, but both during “regular” shows (read: the rest of the show was professionals). I wasn’t sure if a student show would be different… more amateur.

And honestly? It wasn’t! We were already performing in a professional venue. We had an emcee, stage vixens/kittens, professional lighting, photo and video. Everything you would expect at a professional show. And the talent! There were a lot of numbers that were just as polished, energetic and exciting as anything I’ve seen in a big production of professionals.

Our group performed early in the show – we were the third act up (out of 13). I was glad to get it over with. My stomach had been bothering me all day and maybe it was something I ate, but maybe it was butterflies. We were able to run through our number before showtime, which was very helpful, as there were seven of us in our group and while the stage we were on was thankfully larger than many, it was more square than the studio.

Screen shot 2015-05-09 at 10.21.15 AMAt the start of our number, I was so focused on remembering the moves and not tripping over my feet that I’m pretty sure my face was just “holy crap those lights are bright and I’m on stage in front of a lot of people.” (Maybe 100?) But then came one of my favorite moves* that always centers me to “I’m doing sexy things right now!” and gets me in the right headspace. And from there, I had a ton of fun with the number, and according to my husband, nailed the Femme Fatale sexy bitch face.

*Pretend that is a GIF of my hand going down then up my leg. –>

So now I have to wait for the video, which usually results in me feeling very Ron Burgundy.


But since there are six other ladies in the video stripping down to their underthingies, I won’t be posting the video on the blog. Sorry. You should have gotten tickets.

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7 Comments on “Burlesque Performance #3”

  1. A burlesque performance post without pictures of the burlesque performance? Womp! Anyway, sound like you had a great time despite the lack of proof! 🙂 100 people? Wow, that’s a large crowd. Were you able to see the audience at all during the performance or were the lights too bright?

    1. I could see the outline of the crowd and Robert’s glasses were reflecting the light so i could make sure to direct my sexy faces his way.

  2. You were fab! The videos usually go up pretty quickly (and I sent you mine from May 1st) but I haven’t gotten the photos from my night yet. Hopefully we will be in the same class next time, it would be so much fun to take class with you!

      1. I replied to the email I got from your comment but just noticed it was “noreplyblogger” so I just sent it to you. For real this time.

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