What’s in your TV queue?

Maybe I’m a luddite, but it wasn’t until last year that I programmed anything to automatically record a show. I never owned a TiVo. I never paid for whatever the feature it was of Comcast that would automatically record shows (or maybe I did and didn’t know how to use it?)

Last year we moved into a [rented] condo, and DirectTV was included with the place. (Sidebar: This is not a sponsored post.) One feature is the ability to automatically record shows. (Hello, 2004!)

So! What shows do you have in your queue?? I need some ideas. Although Mad Men is still on Netflix (and I have most of the series on DVDs … but putting on a DVD is more work than Netflix and OMG we’re so lazy aren’t we? Remember what it was like to program a VCR??)


Season One Peggy. Does not last.   

Anywho, it’s 2015 now. And this is what I have in my queue, sort of in order of priority:

  • Mad Men (HOW WILL IT END???)
  • Project Runway (when is the next season????)
  • Broad City ( <3 <3 <3 COME BACK PLZ)
  • Younger (surprisingly entertaining!)
  • Check, Please! (just makes me feel poor and hungry)
  • Mexico, One Plate at a Time (I love Ricky B., OK?)
  • Jeopardy (sometimes I yell on the rare occasion I know something they don’t)
  • America’s Test Kitchen (I like to pretend)
  • Archer (for my husband, although I do kind of like it)
  • New Girl (queued but so behind)
  • Mindy Project (ditto)

What else should I be pretending to keep up with? (I don’t have any premium channels.)

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10 Comments on “What’s in your TV queue?”

    1. I need to queue up Chicago Fire because they film at the fire station near me. Wonder if my building made it in any shots. Or me waiting at the bus stop.

  1. I used to watch a ton of stuff on Food Network, but lost interest when they started changing their programming philosophy. Currently there’s only one show that I DVR and watch religiously every week – The Americans on FX. It is addicting and it’s super creepy, but in a really enthralling way!

  2. We only have broadcast TV with rabbit ears and Netflix. Since I have a kidlet everyone I watch is PG. We recently watched Brain Games and we really enjoyed it, we are also watching How the States Got their Shapes. We also found a remake of Inspector Gadget made by Netflix that brings back some memories of the show. We also like a show on channel 9 where they go out and try different restaurants, I can’t remember what it is called.

  3. We don’t have premiums either but whenever we have a free preview (right now!) we try to tape a bunch of stuff to watch later, like Bill Maher, Last Week Tonight, etc. Also Daily Show (getting a feel for my political leanings yet?), Louie, Intervention (guilty pleasure), Going Clear (that scientology doc), and Neighbors. Oh and Sesame Street, obvs.

    If you’ve got Directv, you may have a free preview of the Universal Sports Network for the Boston Marathon Monday. It’s somewhere in the 600s.

    1. Obviously I’ll be streaming the Boston Marathon at my desk at work, just like every other year … that’s why I have two monitors and a laptop.

  4. Married at First Sight! I also DVR Survivor, The Amazing Race, Say Yes to the Dress, and Law and Order: SVU. And Grey’s Anatomy.

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