Bachelorette Party Ideas

So, here’s a fun fact about me, I love bachelorette parties. I don’t really care what we’re doing, it’s an excuse to be goofy, and I always have a lot of fun.


Even if it’s not actually a “bachelorette” party

As such, I love brainstorming bachelorette party ideas! If I had more time and motivation, I might start a side business as a bachelorette party planner, but only if I could require that I always be invited to the party, haha.

Anyway, here are some ideas for a rockin’ bachelorette party.

Step one – Figure out what your guest of honor will enjoy. Some women (HI!) love the typically raunchy bachelorette party. Some women are all “no male [junk], in the flesh, implied or represented.” I don’t understand these women, but I respect their wishes.

For the raunchy women, you can get a stripper at home, but I prefer going out. Before it closed, Castle (formerly Excalibur) would do a “Girls Night Out” that catered to bachelorette parties, complete with very Adonis-like exotic dancers. This is what we did for my bachelorette party and I’m glad the majority of us did not have smartphones in 2007. In the absence of that nightclub, check out boylesque at The Naughty Little Cabaret.

Another idea – Bottle & Bottega offers the option of painting a nude male model, also check out Dr. Sketchy’s to see if they have any dudes on the schedule. (B&B also does ladies-only classes with nude male models if anyone is interested in checking that out with me without it being a bachelorette party.)

Wangs not your thang? (Ba dum bum.) What about lovely ladies? There are lots of burlesque shows all over Chicago (and other major cities) that you can choose from! Vaudezilla does a weekly show at Stage 773 and the Kiss Kiss Cabaret and other groups perform reguarly at the Uptown Underground.

Or, look for a Turkish, Middle Eastern or any restaurant that has live belly dancing, such Alhambra Palace.

For a different kind of lovely lady, drag shows are also a fun option! The Baton Club is popular in Chicago, but I’ve had more fun at The Kit Kat Lounge.

Want to be more hands on? How about taking a burlesque class! Vaudezilla and Studio L’amour both offer private group classes at their studios, or, if you’re in the far south suburbs, you could hire me to teach a private group burlesque class at Room to Move Studio. There are also options out there for pole dancing, or for a less risqué option, belly dance classes.


Another idea that allows for creativity (and a fun memento) is pin-up photos! You can either go to a studio, hire a photographer to shoot in a private location (such as someone’s home, a local dance studio, or book a hotel room), or ask a trusted photog friend to do it for you at someone’s home. Then get out all your sexy underthings and practice smizing. I recommend taking a group shot at the end, which we failed to do for this party:

bachelorette-pin-ups2 bachelorette-pin-ups1

Guess that tushie (spoiler: not mine). Photos by Teresa

Or, speaking of hands on, your bachelorette party can include a toy party.  If you’re in Chicago, check out Early 2 Bed for in-home parties. In some cases, you can even apply the host credits to benefit your guest of honor so she can get something at a discounted price or free.

Not interested in a sexy bachelorette party? That’s OK, we can still be friends. How about a wine tour? If you want to make it an overnight or weekend trip, check out the Vino Bus via Fruitful Wine Tours for a winery tour in southwest Michigan.  We did this for my cousin’s now-wife because she “didn’t want a stripper.” (And then she got drunk and started asking our Vino Bus driver to be our stripper … he coincidentally did look a lot like her fiance / my cousin.)


Other ideas:

  • Spa day
  • BYOB painting party (non-nude version)
  • Brewery tour
  • Wine tasting (a single winery)
  • Sporting event
  • Escape room
  • Adult arcade
  • Whirleyball or Paintball
  • Bowling
  • Concert
  • Other live music (like a blues/jazz club)
  • Karaoke, especially at a place where you get a private room
  • Comedy/improv show
  • Cocktail-making class
  • Dancing (if you’re my age (30s), check out Beauty Bar)
  • Vegas (my friends and I never went that route)

What have you done at a bachelorette party that you really enjoyed? Or really didn’t enjoy? If you’ve had one, what did you do for your bachelorette party?

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4 Comments on “Bachelorette Party Ideas”

  1. I’m the bachelorette party planner of my girlfriends. I really like Mojo Spa and The Baton Lounge! My bachelorette we rented a lake house and went on a winery tour, had bonfires, went out on a boat and just relaxed. It was perfect as I just wanted all my ladies in one place!

  2. I agree with Katie, The Baton is tons of fun for bachelorette parties! I’m one of those weird women who doesn’t like dudes’ junk in her face (unless it’s my dude, and even then, face isn’t preferable), but I DO like watching dudes dressed in drag. I think wineries, breweries, karaoke, sporting event, and other things along those lines are definitely fun. You know, if you were planning a party for me.

  3. I agree with Katie and Anne that a show at The Baton or Kit Kat Club are super fun!!! I was skeptical at first but had an absolute blast. Like Anne, strippers are not really my thing but it is nice there are lots of other options available out there!

    A BYOB cooking class might also be a fun idea for something a little more low key (maybe one with family members) where you can have some G-rated fun while also drinking wine. All parties are more fun with wine! I’m helping plan my SIL’s bachelorette party now so it is always nice to have some more fun ideas!

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