Real Instagram Captions

Let’s keep it real, shall we?


Snapped this pic in Salt Lake City during a run after some conference sessions.

Actual caption: “It’s easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is better from the top.” [snow-covered mountains emoji] #seenonmyrun

Reality: OMG this run was so slow. What time is dinner?


Actual caption: Imagine Dragons performs for the #AdobeSummit So yeah, this conference literally rocks [music-related emoji]

Reality: This concert is better than I expected. But I can’t wait to duck out after this and sprawl across the king size bed in my hotel room.


This was posted on National Puppy Day or whatever.

Actual caption: Everyone was posting pictures of their puppies … We felt left out. [cat emojis] #crazycatlady #catsofinstagram

Reality: OMG I would have like 10 cats by now if we had space for more litter boxes.


Actual caption: Not trying to impress anyone tomorrow. All about the layers. [snow and shamrock emojis] #FlatRunner #ShamrockShuffle

Reality: Am I trying to overcompensate for something? Are my race outfits cute or obnoxious? LOOK AT MEEEEEEE!  [I actually ended up skipping the sparkle skirt for that reason, plus it bunches in my crotch when I run.]


Actual caption: Lil Boo [ghost emoji] is one! [birthdday cake emoji] #TheresaScout @notaluap

Reality: We were the only couple at this birthday party that did not have kids. Out of eight 20- and 30-something couples.


Actual caption: Dad, you’re hilarious! #latergram

Reality: Awww, I love my brother and baby nephew so much. It’s really heartwarming to see my brother as a dad. Still not sold on the idea of parenthood for myself though.

What Instagram pics have you posted that don’t tell “the whole story”?  


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7 Comments on “Real Instagram Captions”

  1. I feel like anything I’ve said or posted online in the past 6 months+ hasn’t been telling the whole story. Which is weird, since I’m typically an open book. I’m stealing your idea to steal this post 🙂

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