Five Things Friday: Class Pass

I’ve been having a lot of fun trying out different studios via ClassPass!

SHRED415: I heard a lot of good things about Shred, so it was one of the first studios I tried out. (I went to their South Loop location … free parking! Or if you come straight from work, a couple blocks from the Red/Green/Orange Lines.)  It’s another high-intensity interval training (HIIT) kind of place, but they incorporate a lot more treadmill than other studios. You do four 15-minute segments, alternating strength on the floor and treadmill segments. This class is tough! In the best way. After my first class, and their initial “thanks for trying us out” email, I inquired about doing a class for the Chicago Running Bloggers. We had a small turnout, but I think we all had a great workout! I’ll definitely be back.


Natali, me, Erin, Rose

Atlas Performance: I took one of their TRX classes. It was also a HIIT format. We did 1/3 of the moves with TRX straps, and the rest on the floor with weights, medicine balls and our own body weight. It was a good workout, but there was no warmup or cooldown/stretch, which I found odd. I might be back, or I might just stick to closer-to-home options for HIIT.



AIR Aerial Fitness: So remember when I took that trapeze class and was mildly terrified? That all came rushing back to me mid-workout at AIR. It was a great workout, starting on the floor and using the silk to do planks and other “traditional” workout moves. We did a tough interval of glute exercises which reminded me that I have been slacking on my PT exercises. And then we got up in the silks and started trying out some moves. Even though they were mildly scary for me and I couldn’t bring myself to totally let go in some of them … I want to try it again. Kind of a face your fears sort of thing.



Eb & Flow Yoga: When I started having issues with my knee, BFF Vera suggested I try Yin Yoga, but I never got around to it. So one of the first things I looked for on the Class Pass schedule was Yin Yoga. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a very slow style of yoga, and you hold poses for much longer (3-5 minutes) with the goal of getting a deeper stretch. (If you’re not into yoga lingo, most classes are Flow and/or Vinyasa style.) I might go back to Eb & Flow, but there are a couple other studios that offer Yin that I want to check out.

Exhale Spa: This was another BFF Vera suggestion. Early on in the barre craze, she recommended that I check out Core Fusion at Exhale Spa. I never got around to it ($$$), but once I saw they were on ClassPass, they were near the top of my list of classes to check out. As the name suggests, it is a yoga/pilates/barre studio within a very nice spa. The class size was small, which was nice, and the workout was lots of repetitive moves to get your muscles burning. To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about barre classes. On the one hand, the wannabe-ballerina in me is drawn to them. On the other hand … this is not ballet, not even the barre work we do in ballet classes. (Sorry to anyone who was under that impression. Barre work is dance drills, and very focused on dance form.) I also wonder how beneficial the small, repetitive movements are. Would a Pilates class be better in the long run? I’m not sure, but I do love Pilates. So I’m not sure if I’ll be back. Well, maybe for a massage.


Buddha greeted me on the way to studio 2 in Exhale. 

So that’s my round-up for now. Want to try ClassPass for yourself? Sign up today!

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4 Comments on “Five Things Friday: Class Pass”

  1. Maybe I’m weird but I loved the treadmill portion of Shred415 better than the weights portion. Maybe because I prefer to focus on fewer reps with heavier weights rather than “do tricep dips for a minute!!” Still, I’d go back. But why is it so pricey??

    1. Yeah, I can’t afford any one studio. But ClassPass is only $99, which is doable for me. And while you can only go to a studio 3x in a month, you can go to unlimited studios.

  2. I love the yoga at Exhale! I’m not big into the barre classes. You should try their Exhale Flow Yoga class it’s sort of a combo of Yin and regular flow. They have a Chill class though that is more Yin. Also Yoga Six has a class called Deep Stretch that is Yin. I did Yin at Zen Yoga Garage once and liked it but it’s far from me so I haven’t been back 🙁

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