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In case you don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I’ve been in SLC this week for the Adobe Summit, the largest digital marketing conference in the world. If you’re like, Adobe, like, the PDFs? Yes, like the PDFs … and so much more. If you’re like, oh yeah, and Photoshop, you’re halfway there. (Photoshop is 25 by the way.) Adobe has a ton of digital marketing solutions that are all pretty cutting edge for our industry. Anywho. Time for a photo dump!


I flew out of O’Hare (for the first time this millennium … south siders typically use Midway) on Saturday around sunset. So when I arrived in SLC, it was 9pm local time. I could tell it was hilly, but when I woke up and looked out my hotel window, I was surprised to see mountains. Legit, snow-covered mountains. Instagram doesn’t do it justice. It’s also weird to walk out onto the street, or turn a corner, and see mountains in the distance. (I don’t get out of Chicago nearly as much as I’d like to, OK?)


The weather here has been mostly beautiful (sunny and highs in the 50-60s). I tried to get outside and walk as much as I could during breaks. My hotel, and the convention center, were next to Temple Square. As in, Mormon temples. The HQ of the LDS church is also here.


IMG_6716.JPG IMG_6712.JPG

I was even able to get in a couple runs! Both times I headed in the direction of the Capitol.


From the top of the Capitol steps was an awesome view.


Fun fact, I work for a company that manages malls. One of the malls we manage  is in the suburbs of SLC. We’re doing this neat LEGO tour at our malls, where LEGO master builders create national monuments/landmarks out of LEGOs. The U.S. Capitol below took a team like 1,700 hours to assemble. Anyway, we took a little field trip to check it out. It’s pretty neat!


IMG_6772.JPG IMG_6777.JPG

There was a little LEGO Lincoln in there.


So the conference itself! I flew in Saturday, Sunday-Monday were all-day pre-conference training sessions, and the actual conference was Tuesday to Thursday.


All of the breakout sessions I attended were on analytics, because I love math and logic and all that, and also on mobile, because mobile is only getting more and more important from a marketing perspective.


Day 2 of the conference was celebrity day …


Michael Keaton talked about reinventing himself during the opening session.


Wayne Brady hosted “Sneaks” during which Adobe employees preview awesome innovations that are still being developed.


And then we had a private concert with Imagine Dragons. This was easily the most rockin’ conference I have ever attended, but also the most interesting in terms of learning new innovations in my industry. 10/10, would come back.

And now, I’m flying back to Sweet Home Chicago! It’s been a fun and educational week, but I miss my loves.

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7 Comments on “Salt Lake City”

  1. OMG you are in the land of my people! I was raised just north of Salt Lake City and most of my family still lives there. You are right – photos do not do the mountains any justice. It’s kind of nuts to stand and look all around you and see the ground shooting up into the sky like that.

    I’m glad to hear you had a good time at the conference!

  2. I am totally not surprised Adobe would put on such a great conference! 🙂 How fun you got to go Do you use any of the Adobe Creative Suite products at your job?

  3. Looks like a great conference! I saw that you were there on Insta and looked it up and now I want to submit to go next year. Adobe is one of my clients and we just invested in their analytics software… I’m pumped to start learning it since I geek out on that stuff too.

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