Jammin’ January

Goals check in!


Keep up with PT exercises. Ugh. I did my PT exercises 11x this month. I would not consider this keeping up. My goal is 25x per month.

Weekly yoga. I made it to yoga twice. Hmm.


104 strength workouts. I did 7 last month. Remember when I posted about 30 days of CrossTown Fitness? I went 8 times (once in Dec, the rest in Jan). I activated the membership, went once, then got sick and took it easy for a week, then went 3x the following week, then had a busy social calendar the week after, then went 4x in my final week. I did feel like I was getting stronger by the end! But now I am back to my own devices.

1,000 miles. I did 44 self-powered miles. 28 cycling, 14 running, 3 walking, 0 swimming. (Dailymile has a rounding issue.)


Art & Culture:

Perform again. This is an on-going goal for the year, so not one I expect to accomplish anytime soon. But, I started another session at Studio L’maour, and am having a blast of course! I briefly considered auditioning for the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, but decided I wasn’t ready. I’m ready to get up on stage and shake my goods, I’m confident in my abilities as a dancer, but if I want to perform regularly, I need to be a decent choreographer. I also need to work on my face. It’s one thing to do the moves; but the face needs to connect with the rest of your body and the mood. I’ve never been much of an actress, so it’s another area I need to work on.

Read 18 books. I read half of two books. So. Yeah. I started Death in the City of Light, but gave up halfway through because I realized I don’t like non-fiction tales of serial killers. Then I started Inherent Vice, but still haven’t finished it.

Attend at least one art-related thing per month. I saw DanceWorks Chicago perform at Yelp’s Glow in the Park.


Stop talking yourself out of doing things. I did things! I attended a clothing swap, I went to brunch with some lady-strangers from the internet, we went to a cocktail hour, I joined the social committee in my building, and I scrounged up a couple friends to go to the Yelp event. Phew.

Volunteer. I met with the BVA’s that I’ll be working with on our upcoming pro bono project.

Decrease our debt. We put ourselves on a bit of a spending freeze during the end of last year, so I’ll admit I loosened that up a bit in January. Party’s over, time to get back on track. I have been selling stuff through Poshmark, and using the credits for new(-to-me) stuff.


Side note: I think I’m going to move all of my feminist and sex-positive content to another blog, and keep this one about the lighter stuff – running, working out, enjoying Chicago, etc. So stay tuned.

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