Currently: January 2015

State of Things: Things are great. Good things are happening at work. Home life is happy. I started burlesque classes again at Studio L’amour. But my knee is telling me I haven’t been keeping up with my PT exercises enough, so I need to work on that. Olive is doing well too:


Books: I got halfway through Death in the City of Light earlier this month before giving up. Non-fiction books about serial killers just aren’t my jam. And I’m OK with that. I started Inherent Vice last week.

Movies. Well, we all know (if you read it) how I feel about the Oscar noms. I haven’t seen many movies that were nominated (pretty sure the only movie I saw in the theater last year was Guardians of the Galaxy), and now I’m not really all that motivated to try knocking out the 2015 noms. Maybe just the movies related to the Best Actress categories, haha. Scratch that, well-made war movies are one of the few genres my husband and I both enjoy. So perhaps we’ll see American Sniper and Unbroken. And Inherent Vice once I finish the book. (Although perhaps we’ll wait for Netflix.)

TV: The most recent season of The Real World is set in Chicago. I added it to my DVR and try to watch it. Emphasis on try. I cannot take yelling and instigated drama. But I want to see Chicago, you know? I guess I’ll just stick to Geoffrey Baer tours. Anywho. In better TV watching, we watched the season 7 finale of Californication last night (on Netflix).

Website/Podcast: I need a Reddit intervention. It’s like a carwreck … cannot look away. On the flip side, it’s not a podcast, but I’ve been streaming WBEZ (Chicago’s NPR affiliate) while at work.

Run: Like I said, my knee has been signaling that I’m not doing my PT exercises enough. Between that, the weather, and the shorter days, I’m doing about one 3-4 mile run per week.

Other workouts: I’m in burlesque classes again! And I still have another week on my 30-day unlimited membership at CrossTown Fitness. And I’m back in the habit of the church of [free] yoga with the Pilsen Yoga Tribe at Thalia Hall. (You should join me and we’ll do brunch at Dusek’s after!)


Food/drink: We finally made it to Kai Zan in Humboldt Park. We tried going months ago, not realizing they are booked solid with reservations. So we made one, and kept pushing it back for various reasons. But it was definitely worth the wait! Also, I’m pretty sure I want to support this Kickstarter for Magik St. Tavern in Pilsen. And I’ve been getting in the Slow Cooker Sunday habit. Currently I’m making chicken & mushrooms in white wine and a veggie broth (homemade broth made in the slow cooker at that!) Last weekend it was corned beef brisket and the weekend before that was chili and then anything before that I don’t really remember.


Excitement: The snow/slush has melted from the roads; I’m Divvy’ing again! And with my Nike Flash jacket, I can Divvy safely after dark.

Also, I went to another clothing swap yesterday hosted by Dash Me and am excited about some of the fun things I brought home! I already wore a “new” dress to dinner last night.

Screen shot 2015-01-18 at 4.56.38 PM

Pet Peeve: People who get offended when you’re just trying to be nice. My husband and I are starting to get to know a new crowd, and labels (or lack thereof) are very important. As feminists (among other labels we personally use), we totally get that. You own your label, or you own not using certain labels that don’t fit. However, if someone is trying to be friendly and unknowingly uses the wrong label, instead of getting offended, politely use it as a learning opportunity. (Vague story is vague, yes? Basically, the question “And is this your lady?” is tricky among this group … some don’t use possessive language such as “my/your,” and others identify as gender-neutral, and don’t use man/woman/he/she/etc to self-identify. But in this case, it was the “your” that was offensive. Lesson learned, and I guess we need to figure out a non-possessive gender-neutral way to ask if two people are romantically invovled … I feel like Portlandia might have an episode to address this?)

Wish: That my knee and I can have a happy relationship if I increase my mileage. But, it’s give and take, and I need to give it stronger/looser hips. I tried doing this pose in yoga this morning and my hips were not having it. Maybe using a block would have helped.

What’s up with you? What’s your favorite slow-cooker recipe? How do you feel about non-fiction books about serial killers? Well-made war movies? 

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6 Comments on “Currently: January 2015”

  1. I loooove using my slow cooker on Sunday! My favorites are Chicken Tikka Masala and Beef Enchilada Casserole. I am making Carnitas in mine for the first time tomorrow- we’ll see how it goes!

    Also- thanks for sharing about Magik St! We drove by there a month or so ago and totally drove around and peeped. I have been fascinated!

    1. I’m thinking of going in on the Kickstarter at the level that comes with two tickets to their launch event. So, just in case you were thinking of going in on it too …

  2. I’m taking classes at Vaudezilla right now! Absolutely in love with them. I signed up for 3 workshops on Feb 21st too. I’ll have to look into classes at Studio L’Amour since it’s right by my office and much more convenient for me. Thanks for getting me hooked on burlesque!

    Hope your knee heals up soon.

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