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IMG_6153.JPGHappy new year! Hope you all had a good night! I’m getting over a sinus congestion thing, so we stayed in but dashed up to the “roof” deck at midnight to sort of not really see the Navy Pier fireworks behind the skyline. And some neighborhood fireworks.

Anywho, first day of the year and all. Let’s make some goals. This list got long. When I started writing this post, I had like 5 ideas. At one point, there were 13, but I had to narrow it down and ended up with 10. And I wasn’t even trying for a round number.


Keep up with PT exercises. I spent a lot of money on physical therapy in 2014. It would be a waste to … let it go to waste. To that end, I need to keep up with my PT exercises. I don’t care if I never do another marathon, but the only way I’ll find out if I can (or if I can even run more than 5 miles at a time, or more than 10 miles a week) is if I keep up with my PT exercises. The goal is to do them at least 10 times/week.

Weekly yoga. There is free yoga in my neighborhood, and free yoga at my office. I have no excuse. Muscle tightness is also one of the things my PT pointed out as affecting my gait (and my knee), so this is as important as my PT goal.

104 strength workouts. That’s at least two per week, in addition to the above-mentioned PT exercises. The workout has to include at least 30 minutes of weight-bearing (body weight counts) or resistance.

1,000 miles. Run, bike, swim, walk, row … it all counts. Self-powered miles. Originally I was going to aim for 2,015 miles, but even counting bike miles, that’s pretty ambitious with where I’m at right now.

Art & Culture: 

Perform again. Preferably burlesque, but other forms of dance, and music, also count.

Read 18 books. I’m trying to join two, possibly three book clubs. So, bonus goal: Actually attend a book club meeting for at least two of them.

Attend at least one art-related thing per month. Show, performance, museum, gallery walk (there is one every month in my ‘hood! who wants to join me sometime?), etc. It counts if I’m in the show. (Art is subjective, and I count burlesque as art.)


Stop talking yourself out of doing things. I do this a lot. I make dumb excuses, or I don’t make the effort. And then I kick myself for missing out on fun opportunities.

Volunteer. This is already lined up.

Decrease our debt. This damn monkey on our backs.

I also have a Google Doc with some additional goals that aren’t quite as blog-worthy, and I’ve also been trying to think about some professional goals. We’re going through some department changes right now, and I’m not sure where I’ll land once it’s sorted out. But hopefully I land in a good spot and can set some goals from there.

What do you hope to achieve this year? 

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7 Comments on “2015 Goals”

  1. Happy new year, Maggie!!! This is a great list of goals. I have a lot of similar ones, including the one about trying to join book clubs. I love the goal of 1,000 self-propelled miles, too. Last year I considered trying to run 1,000 miles over the year, and that would have been way too ambitious. But if I can throw in biking and walking? Then yes, bring it on!!! (Incidentally, I was very pleasantly surprised at how much my walking miles added up during the Nike challenge. Hooray for that!)

    Beautiful picture of the Chicago skyline!!!

  2. Totally relate to the debt monkey. Mine is going to be paid off in full in August after it followed me around for 10+ years, so let me know if you want advice on that. I’m really happy to be just about free of that. It really helps with the whole “moving on with my life” thing.

  3. Happy New Year! I had a lot of big changes the past few years, so this year I’m focusing on small habits one month at time. I’m hoping these tiny tweaks add up and I’ll end the year feeling like I accomplished a lot!

  4. Happy 2015! Those are a great list of goals + plans on how to achieve them. (I hate resolutions without plans..anyways)
    1000 miles is a great goal to have! All the miles add up so quickly. I also must stop talking myself out of things… And the debt monkey. Yep. It must go away and die and never return!

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