2014 Goals Recap

2014 was a very interesting year, when it came to my personal life, which, is, uh, personal, but also when it came to running, due to a nagging knee “thing” that turned into pain that turned into $$$$ at physical therapy, but also a really nice ass due to all the glute-strengthening exercises. Anywho, I set some goals at the beginning of the year, let’s revisit.


Running/Fitness Stuff

Have a goal race. That went out the window when Emo Knee  reared it’s ugly … knee. I ran four races this year, and was in no position to actually race any of them. I DNS’d (did not start) five races due to my knee.


52 or more strength workouts.  I did 72. I had time since I wasn’t running as much.


24 or more “fun” workouts. I did 29. Mostly burlesque classes.



Non-Fitness Stuff

Zero balance on all credit cards. This was a very unrealistic goal.

Read 12 books. I read 13! Yay! My favorite was Life After Life

Once a month, host something. Didn’t really happen. Our new place has a small living/dining room, which makes hosting more than a few people at a time a bit cramped. I had a lot of fun hosting Revolt Against Cancer with Anne.


Volunteer. I mentored 16 charity runners for the American Cancer Society and raised over $1,000 myself.



So, I achieved 4 out of 7 goals.

I intentionally didn’t set any running goals other than “goal race” this year because I didn’t want to be chasing after mileage just for the sake of a goal I didn’t care about. I didn’t even set any PR goals. I only ran four races this year, compared to 15 in 2013, 19 in 2012 and 11 in 2011.

However, I spent 234 hours working out, second only to 2012 (when I ran a marathon). Also, while I may have gained about 25 pounds since running said marathon, I’ve only gone up one dress size, and while I’m only about 5 pounds under my highest-ever weight, I’m still 2 dress sizes smaller than when I was at my highest weight. So the number on the scale doesn’t really mean much.

I’ll be honest, I went into 2014 not as gung-ho about running as I had been in awhile. I kind of talked myself into registering for the Chicago Marathon, and even before my knee issues got bad, I was second guessing if commiting to a marathon when I wasn’t all-in was the best idea. I found that I was putting off other goals/interests until “after the marathon” … and kind of bummed about it. So perhaps Emo Knee was what I needed, to force myself to reassess. I still enjoy running, but I enjoy lots of other things. So what if I never run another marathon, or never run more than 20 miles in one week? I’d like to at least be able to run half marathons again, but if I can’t? Big deal. I have plenty of other things in my life to focus on.

Of course I’ve been thinking a lot about my 2015 goals, so stay tuned.

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7 Comments on “2014 Goals Recap”

  1. I feel the same way about running going into 2015 as you did last year. You definitely needed something to help you take a step back and see what you really wanted to be doing with your free time, but it sucks that that something was an injury.

    And isn’t it awesome that all the dancing and strength workouts trump the numberon the scale? I’ll never get down to my lowest weight – I haven’t even been within 20 pounds – but I’ve been wearing the same size as I did then, so who cares?

  2. Good job this year- even despite the injury! Let me know if you’re interested in trying triathlon at all…I have found it great for helping to reduce injury risk because you’re constantly cross training!

    Ditto on the weight piece as Anne, and Happy New Year!

  3. I had a really similar year with running this year and to be honest- I don’t really miss it all that much and it’s always there! I’m enjoying mixing it up and listening to my body. The fact that we both learned that lesson is something to be celebrated!!! Cheers!

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