This is not my holiday card

I don’t send holiday cards. I could blame it on being lazy and/or cheap, but really … we don’t have children. I feel like whatever holiday letter/photo I send would be met with a kind of “oh, a 30-something double-income-no-kids yuppie couple … yawn.” (At what point am I no longer young enough to be a yuppie?) And frankly, I don’t blame anyone for that reaction. It saves me a ton on stamps.

And what would I say in our holiday letter?

We both work at the same jobs. And neither of us do work that is particularly interesting to others, or even comes with a “do-gooder” feel. 

Still no kids, and no babies on the horizon. The cat is doing well. Passed a few hairballs, but otherwise fine. 


We both registered for the Chicago Marathon. Neither of us ran it. I did raise over $1,000 for the American Cancer Society and mentored 17 of their runners. 

We did  both finish a half marathon. The Mr. finished two! 


The only travelling we did was to Lake Geneva, southwest Michigan, and I drove to Madison and then drove back while my van companions got smellier and smellier. (So the only times I left the greater Chicago area this year were for running purposes.) 

We moved from the north side of Chicago to the Near West Side. We still rent. 

I got up on stage and took off my clothes. Twice. I’m even teaching other women to do the same

I spent a lot of money thanks to my knee

I mentioned last year that I’ve noticed the odd years hold the most significant life events (2007 = married, 2009 = husband enlisted, 2011 = moved in with parents, 2013 = moved out + new job). So I’m not surprised that 2014 didn’t include a lot of showy, holidy-card-worthy stuff. It did include a lot of personal growth, individually and as a couple.

So, on that note, Merry Winter Holidays to y’all!!

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3 Comments on “This is not my holiday card”

  1. I used to send holiday cards with pictures of the dogs on them. I’m sure they were met with similar reactions. 🙂 Merry Winter Holidays to you too!

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