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I’m a member of Influenster, and recently they sent me a sports bra and running/fitness tights from the Victoria’s Secret Sport line. So, let’s take some gratuitous boob shots.


This is their Incredible Bra. The tag said it offers “maximum support.” It also has a hidden underwire, which I’ve never had in a sports bra. I wore it running (and like I do when I’m testing the support of any sports bra, jumped up and down in it) and feel that it is in fact maximum support. (Or, high impact, as other bra brands say.)


It’s racer back with hooks at the bottom. So, like many sports bras, takes some muscle to get on and off, but I prefer racer backs, so I’m used to it.

However, I feel like this sports bra was designed to meet a specific need, and one that I, at 32/34D, do not have. That is, the desire to avoid the “flattened uni-boob.”


The bra was also a touch low-cut, but it probably wouldn’t stop me from wearing it when I want to run shirtless. (Says the aspiring burlesque performer.)


I appreciate the fun pattern. I also REALLY like that the cups are lined. (According to their website, it is “breathable padding.”) Because even in the middle of summer, it is common for the “headlights” to turn on while running. Or, if it’s a hot day, and you want to run in just a sports bra, you worry that with sweat, pouring water over your head, or stuffing ice down your bra, your bra might become see-through. So, I personally do like bras that are thick enough to prevent all of the above, and this one definitely was.

However, as a D-cup, I do not mind the “flattened uni-boob” affect of most sports bras. In fact, I like that affect.


Let’s compare to one of my favorite sports bras, which flattens me out. (And I like it!)


Pictured above with my flat chest are the “Knockout Tights.” I felt like they were pretty standard running/fitness tights. Kind of high-waisted, which I like. With a drawstring, which I also like. But a tiny little pocket in the waistband (no zipper). Not much reflectiveness (just the logo at the back of the left knee). But the length was long, which will be good in the winter with crew-length socks. (No exposed skin.) And they have some fun patterns available.


(I really dig my FlipBelt, by the way. I picked it up at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half expo.)

20140909-205858-75538652.jpg 20140909-205859-75539319.jpg 20140909-205859-75539985.jpg

I am kind of sad that they didn’t send me the One-piece Running Suit to try.

The sports bra comes in sizes 32-40 A-DDD. If you like a sports bra that provides more “shape,” definitely check it out. The tights come in S-XL.

I have 10 coupons for 25% off any single Victoria’s Secret Sport item. If you’d like one, send your mailing address to And if you’re interested in joining Influenster, send me an email and I’ll send you an invite!

Do you prefer a sports bra that flattens you out, or do you still like to have a little shape? Padding/lining – yes or no? Racer back or regular straps? Would you ever do a naked race

(My answers: flattens, yes, racer back, yes but I’d worry about the pain from bouncing)

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4 Comments on “Review: Victoria’s Secret Sport”

  1. Oooh! I’ve heard about these new bras and I’ve been intrigued. I was wondering if these bras were actually good for maximum support so it is nice to know there is another option out there for us chestier girls. I kind of like that this one is lower cut. I have some lower cut running tops and I don’t like that my sports bra peeks over the top.

    That one piece running outfit is amazing. I hope someone else gets that and reviews it!

  2. How padded is the “breathable padding”? Is it really just a lining or does it add volume? I’m about the same size as you, and I also don’t mind at all when sports bras flatten and make me feel a little smaller!

    1. It’s not as padded as some VS bras, but it’s definitely thicker than a typical lined sports bra, or thicker than removable cups that some sports bras have (like Under Armour’s Armour Bra).

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