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It’s been three weeks since my last run, which was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half. I miss running. I miss the Lakefront Trail. I get bummed when I see the updates from my CES marathon training FB group. I had a day last week where I really needed a good mind-clearing, pound-the-pavement run. I went for a swim instead. Not only did that not help, I think I was more frustrated at the end of the swim. You can’t really “pound” the water, unless you have terrible form. I used to teach swim lessons to children (at the public pool), so I really hope I do not have terrible form.

I’ve been doing a lot of this as of late:


I’ve been trying to “run” on the elliptical. It sort of fills the void. If you like treadmills. I do not. I’ve thought about following my marathon training plan on the elliptical, just spending the amount of time on the machine that it would take me to do that day’s run. But a 2 hour “long run” on the elliptical? No thanks. My feet get numb after about 30 minutes on that thing. Although there is a TV right in front of that elliptical.


If you could see the rest of my body, I would be doing side leg lefts or clamshells.

After my first PT appointment, I heard “No running, but do whatever else as long as there is no pain” and assumed that meant anything. I went to a CrossTown Fitness class and did lots of squats and lunges and mountain climbers and whatnot … and my knee wasn’t a fan. When I emailed my PT a couple days later to say “hey my knee feels kind of funny and this is what I’ve been doing lately,” he realized he needed to be more specific. So now my marching orders are that I can swim, elliptical and bike [still “as long as there is no pain”] and strength is my PT exercises. No stuff that puts weight on my knee. But I assume I can do arms stuff, right? Because I have been. And core stuff.

My next appointment is Friday morning and depending on how that goes, he said I might get the green light to try a run/walk. I’m assuming it won’t be for the 7 miles that are on my training plan (oh hey, it’s a cut back week).

Also, he said I’m very bendy for a runner. #FunFact

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  1. I’m sorry your knee is still giving you a hard time. I can’t imagine doing a long run on the elliptical. Unless there was something super interesting on TV. Good luck with your cross training and I hope your PT can get you back to running soon!

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